The Sexiest Sex Toys of 2015

Lelo/Adult DVD Empire/Dame Products/Good Vibes/OhMiBod/Good Vibes/We-Vibe
Lelo/Adult DVD Empire/Dame Products/Good Vibes/OhMiBod/Good Vibes/We-Vibe

Think you’ve got it all figured out below the belt? Think again. Sure, hands-only masturbation most definitely has its time and place. But in 2015, these best-selling sex toys were welcomed into bedrooms far and wide, bringing a bounty of pleasure one OH MY GAWD orgasm at a time. Whether you’re a sex-toy virgin (no shame in that) or have a nightstand full of handcuffs and erotica, here are 18 goodies to get you hot and bothered. Go ahead, try something new.


$69, SHAG
Tech meets must-have accessory with this stealth USB rechargeable vibrator-necklace designed for pleasure on the go. For sex-lovin’ fashionistas, the slim vibe comes in various metals, including silver, rose gold, and 24k gold.

"Our customers love the Crave Vesper for a number of reasons," shares Sam Bard, co-owner of SHAG, a sex shop in Brooklyn. "It's small and sleek but so strong and classic looking. People often say, 'Oh my God, you would never know this is a vibrator!'" 

Dame Products

$105, Dame Products
It’s pretty hot that Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman’s couples’ vibrator is the most highly funded adult product in the history of online crowdfunding. A million bucks in pre-sale revenue and MIT engineering aside, Eva is a game-changer when it comes to hands-free orgasms. Simply position Eva in the folds of the labia majora, set it to one of three speeds, and start fucking. Most women need a combo of penetration and clitoral stimulation to get off -- and this nifty toy does the trick.


$99, OhMiBod
What’s not to love about this high-powered vibe? It’s sexy, sleek, and penetrates while stimulating the clit. Amp it up with multiple vibrational patterns for a super-intense orgasm. Bonus: It’s quiet and holds a charge for hours.

Stay Wet Longer

$14.99, Stay Wet Longer
Has your wildest fantasy ever included a unicorn? Trigg Labs, the makers of Wet personal lubricants, made such elusive dreams come true with the 2015 debut of Wet® Unicorn Spit™. The latex-safe lube was a huge seller, keeping sex-toy play and penetration slippery and magically delicious.

Adult DVD Empire

$35.95, Adult DVD Empire
"E-stimulation or shock therapy incorporated into sex is getting way popular," says Adult Empire’s sex toy manager, Chelsea McCain. The toy wraps around the balls and shaft of the penis and has a mini wireless remote that lets you judge the intensity of the sensation. "It’s exactly what it says it is -- a shocking sock for your cock. And they have been selling like crazy!"


$199, LELO
If you want to experience the mother of all orgasms, the almighty blended orgasm combo of clit and G-spot pleasure, the INA Wave is the way to go. "The come-hither motion of fingers closely recreates the sensations of a partner," says Vanessa Hu, LELO’s communication officer, "sensations that are hard to produce in your own body alone."

Good Vibes

$124.95, Good Vibes
"Our best-selling vibrator of all time just got better: rechargeable, cordless, and powerful penetrating vibrations with multiple patterns and intensities," says Andy Duran, educational outreach & affiliate manager of Good Vibrations. Formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, aka the Cadillac of vibrators, it’s one of the most famous sex toys in the world.

Adult DVD Empire

$14.95, Adult DVD Empire
Pussy-lovers, rejoice! The sweet, fleshy scent of wet lady bits has been bottled. Squirt the water-based lube on your toys or partner, warm it up, and get down to business. "It’s spot-on in scent and a big seller," says McCain.

Good Vibes

$199, Good Vibes
Designed to thrust, the STRONIC pulses rather than vibrates. This one is ribbed for sensation, with 10 pulsing settings.

Adult DVD Empire

$47.95 and up, Adult DVD Empire
"Everything we’ve brought in from this company has sold out," says McCain. "The line includes butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, kits, lubes, cock rings, even urethral rods, and introduces electroshock in a subtle way that isn’t scary." Whatever you say! McCain foresees this sex trend only getting bigger in 2016.

Good Vibes

$60, Good Vibes
Duran attributes the popularity of this beginner’s anal toy to its ease of insertion and overall high level of comfort... if you're into that kind of thing. It’s also hands-free, with seven settings of intensity to take you from hey now to oh wow.

Kink Store

$40, Kink Store
"For people who want to get extreme, the Tazapper offers a lot of bang for your buck," says Kristopher Ramirez, director of retail product development & merchandising for "It’s not the prettiest thing, but delivers a quick little zap and a big spark, using technology similar to a fly swatter." The power is always the same, its effect depends upon where it’s used on the body. Kink Store is one of a few places that sells it in North America.

Kink Store

$135, Kink Store
If speed is your thing, check out the new-to-market Doxy Wand. It claims to rev 2500 RPMs (or 30%) stronger than the Magic Wand. Available in black and pink, this plug-and-play toy eschews high and low settings for 20 Big O-inducing speeds. Look for an all-metal version in 2016.


$189, Babeland
The Womanizer was a staff and customer favorite of Babeland's new toys in 2015. "It provides an entirely new sensation that you could only get with another person’s oral attention," says Claire Cavanah, Babeland's co-founder. "Using new technology, the Womanizer fits over the clitoris and gently sucks and vibrates through four levels of sensation."

Adult DVD Empire

$163.95, Adult DVD Empire
Technology meets fetish with this unique camera vibe. "This is the second style of this item, and it’s been doing really well," says McCain. "It’s definitely an interesting item, since you plug it in and can see inside the ass or vagina."


$25 to $105, Babeland
This new mix-and-match collection lets you set up a nightstand with all the accessories necessary for a lifetime of pleasure. Sold separately or packaged as a kit, the Ooh collection includes a motor and three different shapes that can be swapped in for any number of situations and moods. "The classic shape is great for internal and external stimulation," says Cavanah. "The pebble shape is a powerful clit vibrator and the cock ring does double duty for you and your partner."

King Store

$69.99 to $79.99, Kink Store
This beauty by Bare Leatherworks is perfect for beginners or group play. Made from cowhide, it touts a sure-grip handle wrapped in industrial rubber (good for sweaty hands), as well as solid, riveted hardware. For those just getting started, it enables a more accurate strike when hitting your partner. Ramirez advises first-time floggers to always start with cowhide. "It’s a smaller investment," he says.


$149, We-Vibe
Render good sex mind-blowing with this app-powered toy for long-distance play. "Our best-selling couples' vibrator came with a new twist in 2015 -- an app that lets you control it from anywhere in the world, anytime you’re apart and want to connect," says Cavanah. Wear the U-shaped darling during sex for extra clitoral and G-spot stimulation. What’s in it for him? "He gets to share the vibe too -- plus he can control the vibe from anywhere in the word with the We-Connect app," says Cavanah. That app includes text and video messaging that disappear after each session, similar to Snapchat.

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Charyn Pfeuffer is a Seattle-based freelance writer who never leaves home without her Je Joue MiMi vibe. Follow her quest for pleasure on Twitter: @charynpfeuffer.