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Even Apes Are Now Using Dating Apps

It's hard to find a date in the city, even when you're an ape at the zoo.

So to help match orangutans with potential mates, researchers in the Netherlands are trotting out dating apps that allow the apes to swipe right on their top picks.

Seriously -- we're not monkeying (!) around.

The user-friendliness of simple dating apps makes them so easy to use, monkeys (um, apes) can do it. (These witty one-liners write themselves, I swear.)

Apeldoorn researchers recently launched an experiment with a few lucky orangutans. In the Tinder-like dating game, apes swipe through pictures of prospective ape boyfriends and girlfriends and decide which ones they're into. They even MATCH just like Tinder.

The research is designed to analyze the emotional responses of apes to get them to get down with their bad selves.

The goal of the program is to figure out an ape's mate preference to increase the likeliness of a successful match during mating season. More matches mean more BABY APES. I just died from this level of cuteness.

The biggest hurdle so far is finding touchscreens that can survive the frustrations of the dating app process; one we all know far too well. Soon after the experiment kicked off, one ape lady called Samboja smashed the tablet displaying the dudes.

We hear you, girl.

I love the idea of a monkey finding love on a dating app. This is the cutest thing I have ever mentally visualized. And baby apes, y'all!

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