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Strange Things That Turn Women On, According to Real Women

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Every woman has that one thing about a man that really gets her going... and sometimes, that thing is a lot more bizarre than "he has nice eyes." Personally, I go wild when a guy drives a stick shift and sends grammatically correct text messages. Which are two things. I guess I'm more complicated than most.
Below, real women weigh in on peculiar male qualities, actions, and possessions that result in lady boners.

Adoration for Taylor Swift

Y chromosome or not, there's no denying that "Blank Space" was one of the catchiest songs of 2015. So boys, sing it loud and proud, because women find it endearing. "A guy who can enjoy belting out a Taylor Swift song with me is clearly fun-loving and secure with his manhood," says Lizzie, 28. "Plus, it shows he’s quirky, which is way better that JUST being physically hot."

Men who do the dishes

Generally, men prefer to avoid any form of rubber glove. Perhaps that's part of the charm of a guy getting down and domestic, scrubbing sordid dinner plates elbow-deep in a sink of murky dishwater. "I think it's hot to watch a guy do the dishes," says Amanda, 28. "It shows he respects your personal space and cares enough about you to let you relax." The downside (upside?): you'll want him to throw you on top of the counter immediately after he's done, only to dirty it up again.

Long hair

Yes, Hanson Brother Syndrome is still a thing post-1997. More than a few women mentioned wanting to jump into bed with guys who have long, luscious locks... even if the rest of them is slightly unkempt. "I love, love, love long hair on men," says Giselle, 28. "Even if he turns around and his face is busted or his clothes are shabby, if he has long locks, I’ll still be into it. I love the way it flows!" She clarifies that this doesn’t necessarily make him boyfriend material, so shaved-headed suitors can rest assured.

Guys who rock beanies

A guy donning a beanie and a mystifying look in his eye comes off as blasé and hot as hell. "A beanie is a halfway hat because it’s stylish but provides little-to-no warmth," says Jane, 28. "It says, ‘I care, but I also kind of don’t,’ which is mysterious and sexy." Ohh, men -- even your choice of headwear is giving us mixed messages.

A man who can do a woman's taxes

Some women have an unbridled desire to mount the man filling out her 1040 form. There are two big reasons this is a turn-on, explains Hilary, 29. "First, it shows me he’s capable of doing ‘adult’ things; secondly, he learns my current financial situation so he'll continue to pay for every date." Genius!

Walking the walk (that's naturally his)

The way a guy does his walking does his talking. But that's not to say you need Idris Elba-like swagger to woo the ladies. "This one guy I dated bounced when he walked,” says Charlotte*, 27. "I thought it was the cutest thing ever because it told me he wasn’t trying too hard.” For the fellas with big gaits, rein yourselves in -- women hate it when you walk too fast and leave them in the dust.

Mixology skills

I'd venture a guess that every woman’s first love was a bartender. There is a reason for this: science. "I love a guy who can stir up a legit cocktail," says Faye, 28. "A Moscow mule or an Old Fashioned whipped up at my apartment on a whim? That's hot." Just don’t tip him afterward. That would be weird.

Excellent taste in footwear

Who knew that the God-awful line "nice shoes, wanna fuck?" is rooted in truth? "Show me a guy walking down the street in a button-down and slacks and my attention goes straight to his shoes," says Sammy, 24. "If he's wearing clean, expensive-looking loafers, I'll want to jump his bones." However! Some footwear acts as sex repellant. "Sneakers -- specifically New Balance -- with the laces tied really tight are just awful," says Eleni, 28. "If I saw that on a man I would literally walk away!”

Pimple popping?

We are all so beautifully unique in our tastes, aren’t we? Kara, 30, explains her zit-squeezing fetish: "Popping pimples is innately satisfying," says Kara, "so doing it to someone you love is even better! After sleeping together, it can be a really intimate thing." A healthier take on the after-sex cigarette -- I respect that.

Proper coffee appreciation

Coffee is an integral part of many people's daily routines, and sharing a freshly brewed pot with the man you woke up next to can be a bonding experience. "A fellow coffee drinker understands me and tends to my needs and desires first thing in the morning," says Veronica*, 28... who is citing caffeine, not sex. "Plus, it’s really sexy when he knows how to make me a cup exactly how I like it, with just a splash of almond milk." Bonus points to dudes who actually keep almond milk in the fridge.

Dudes who put their phones away

We’re all guilty of being slaves to technology at times. But when a man enjoys the company of his lady SO much that he doesn't glance down at his phone every two minutes, she'll notice in a good way. "I find it attractive when a date puts his phone away and gives me undivided attention," says Julie, 29. "It works in his favor, too, because when he’s out with his friends (or mom!) and takes a while to answer my text, I assume he's just being equally polite to whomever he’s with."

A man who cooks

Pardon the pun, but there truly is a lid to every pot in this instance. Whether you’re a man who makes a mean pasta fazool, or a guy who calls any non-omelet "outside of his wheelhouse," there’s a women out there who will love you for you. "I enjoy cooking for my boyfriend," says Courtney, 24, "but sometimes nothing's sexier than him cooking for me. He's proud of his finished dish, and I get to sit back with a glass of wine." On the other hand, Christine, 29, thinks it’s adorable when he overcooks the steak because she knows the effort’s there. "Whenever my boyfriend tries to make me dinner, everything is poorly timed and he's frantic," says Christine. "He has no idea what he’s doing and I love it!” (Editor’s Note: That philosophy does NOT apply in the bedroom. Ever.)

*Names have been changed.

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