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29 top-notch V-Day gifts for every budget

Whether you've already booked a table at that wallet-molesting resto she loves, or plan to repackage a bouquet of "roses" from 7/11 hoping she won't know better, this Valentine's Day gift guide will provide some much-needed help. With 29 buy-now ideas for every budget, including custom jewelry, rare skincare products, and even try-and-buy lingerie, there's something to make your better half beam. Or at least begrudgingly continue to be your better half

Fig & Olive Olive OilsWhat it is: A selection of 30 different high-quality olive oils from around the world, approved by the chefs at the renowned F&O culinary empire.How much? $16-1

Cyclofemme TeeWhat it is: A flattering tee for the fairer, cycling-enthused sex.How much? $2

Ampere LingerieWhat it is: A selection of sexy unmentionables for her to try on at home, and keep only the stuff she loves.How much? $25-14

Veruca ChocolatesWhat it is: A smorgasbord of chocolates in unconventional flavors like saffron, lavender, and mint & lime.How much? $3

Marshmerries What it is: 12 jumbo (as in two freakin' square inch) Valentine's Day-themed gourmet marshmallows fresh from a confectioner in Seattle.How much? $3

Krama Wheel ScarvesWhat it is: Luxurious cotton neck warmers hand-woven in Cambodia, with proceeds going towards bettering childrens' education in the country.How much? $42-4

Tocca Viaggo PerfumeWhat it is: A set of three different popular scents (Stella, Florence & Cleopatra) bottled small enough for her to keep one in her purse.How much? $4

Bliss Fabulips KitWhat it is: A four-step, spa-calibur lip treatment set that includes a cleanser, scrub (ouch?), plumper, and balm.How much? $4

Engraved Metal RoseWhat it is:An intricately crafted 12" rose sculpture made from discarded hard drive parts, with an optional engraving of up to 50 characters along the base.How much? $5

"Untitled" Lapel PinWhat it is: A snazzy pin that reads "Stars Don't Stand Still In The Sky For Anybody", and's inspired by a conceptual art book from the '60s.How much? $5

RFRM NecklacesWhat it is: Unique dangly jewelry artistically assembled from various repurposed vintage materials.How much? $50-7

Mine Jewelry Wish CharmWhat it is: A 14k gold charm dangling from a red silk cord meant to be worn around the wrist. When the charm eventually wears through the cord, it's supposed to bring good luck.How much? $6

Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather JournalsWhat it is: Marble-edged, unlined classy leather notebooks secured with leather thong wraps.How much? $6

BDJ Craft Works VaseWhat it is: A stack of cherry wood with a deep glass insert large enough to hold a small handful of flowers.How much? $6

You & Me Recycled Wood SignWhat it is: A three-piece "multifunctional" wall hanging sanded down to look weathered, which its makers consider the ideal scene-setter for a proposal. So... you up for that?How much? $7

Bee Raw Honey Varietal FlightWhat it is: Nine vials of raw, unfiltered honeys from around the country, including some unusual nectars like sage, buckwheat, and star thistle, each of which "elevate the taste of pretty much anything".How much? $7

The Lake and Stars Hot Bed Jock StrapletteWhat it is: "The newest trend in women's lingerie". Seriously.How much? $7

Eberjey Theodora TeddyWhat it is: A soft jersey teddy with lace accents across the chest and hem, designed to express "happiness, love, and confidence"... and that you're about to get lucky.How much? $8

RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night CreamWhat it is: A powerful and effective wrinkle-fighting system that suggests you not only care about her feeling good about herself, but that you know mad stuff about skincare, brah!How much? $8

Magnolia Handmags by Alchemy GoodsWhat it is: A rad and roomy upcycled purse whose outer shell's made up of old bike inner tubes and rocks a vintage seat belt for a strap.How much?$8

Love Actually Candle Holder SetWhat it is: A pair of red- and white-hued glass votive shells handblown by artisans at Seattle's glassybaby studio.How much? $8

Oui Presse Bunny SlippersWhat it is: Incredibly comfortable wool/mohair ear'd feet cozies from the "Original Bunny Slippers" purveyors in Portland. How much?: $9

Stainless Steel Serving TrayWhat it is: A versatile, open-handled hors d'oeuvres and cocktail tray hand-welded in Minnesota.How much? $9

A-Thread Simona V Druzy Heart NecklaceWhat it is: A gold chain necklace strung with a heart-shaped pendant of layered crystals that've been edged in 14k gold.How much? $10

Jill Golden As It Seems BraceletWhat it is: Chunky wrist bling made of interlocked leather and metal with a "Turkish twist" of color.How much: $14

RB of McD DTLA Zipper Top WalletWhat it is:A leather, satin-lined handbag with a gold-plated and "bicycle chain" strap that'd look right at home on the shoulder of one tough mother... of your children.How much? $18

Jambox RemixWhat it is:A customizable version of the uber-portable & shockingly powerful wireless speaker.How much? $20

Lizzie Fortunato Tales of the West I and II iPad ClutchesWhat it is: A one of a kind purse-style iPad sheath intricately embroidered in India, detailed with leather and brass hardware.How much? $49

Pamela Love Gold Claw CuffWhat it is: A bold, and slightly terrifying gold-plated cuff-style bracelet, perfect if your lady enjoys her style literally fierce.How much? $1160

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