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No, World, Warren Beatty Hasn't Slept With 13,000 Women

So it turns out The Chief didn't sleep with almost 13,000 women after all.

Years ago, Warren Beatty’s unauthorized biographer Peter Biskind made somewhat of an unrealistic claim that sent all of Hollywood and the rest of the world into a frenzy. He estimated that Beatty had probably banged about 13,000 women through his lengthy and fruitful (ha) career. I don’t even know why someone would think that it was possible to have sex with that many people, but OK.

In a recent interview with AARP (of all sources, really?) Warren Beatty finally addressed those allegations of bed-hopping. "Think about it," he said. "Sleeping with 12,775 people -- that would mean not just that there were multiple people a day, but that there was no repetition." As in, a different woman. Every day. For 35 years.

This is kind of making my head spin.

While he was definitely a stone-cold fox back in the day (I'm currently drooling over his Wiki page), the sheer logistics alone should pretty much settle the matter. But ridiculous idolatry logic shall prevail: who doesn't love a good Hollywood scandal? And anyway, just about all of Beatty's former partners have described his near-constant amorousness. Still though -- 12,775?! Who in the world could ever believe that?

His confirmed, still-really-long list includes such starlets as Madonna, Janice Dickinson, Barbra Streisand, and Carly Simon. It's a hell of a roster, no matter what the actual number is.

Beatty, who married Annette Bening in 1992, doesn't even try to deny his popularity with the ladies, saying: "When you don't get married until you're 54… well, as Arthur Miller said, 'It comes with the territory.'"

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