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Watch Old People Unbox Sex Toys... and Ask Lots of Questions

Published On 09/29/2015 Published On 09/29/2015

Put on your game faces and get the eye-bleach ready, people! From the geniuses at All Def Digital, who brought us a video in which blindfolded women felt up dudes' junk to guess their race comes this gem where—you guessed it—old folks unwrap sex toys and, um, report their findings?

As expected, all goes spectacularly and endearingly well. Keep a lookout for these priceless excerpts: "This ain't a generic pussy," "You can bring it anywhere and people won't know what a pervy motherfucker you are! "and "Joyce, that's a little hole!" Enjoy, and then turn off your computer or smartphone forever. 

Youtube/All Def Digital 

Still, not the worst people you can introduce a Fleshlight to

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and is holding all those Fleshlights for a friend. 



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