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10 Things Every Girl Does Without Realizing It

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Whether in public or at home, we're all guilty of little idiosyncrasies that simultaneously endear us to others and make us seem like complete freak-shows -- and who better to identify these bouts of weirdness than members of the opposite sex?

In an attempt to quantify these peculiar behaviors, a recent Reddit post asked the site's male users to highlight the oddest things they've seen girls do without realizing it. Yes, the thread devolved into a gripe-fest for men to vent their frustrations -- mostly around things girls are definitely aware of -- but some responses actually held to the original premise.

Here are 10 of our favorites:

The Jeans Loop Pull-up

The Peepee Backsplash

The Hoodie Heist

The Shedding

The Shower Hair Art Show

The Selective Hearing

The Phone-Only Girly Voice

The Preening

The Un-Sneeze

The Coupon Flood