What Married Women Miss Most About Being Single

When us ladies say "I do," we mean it, of course. But that doesn't mean there aren't incredible things about being single -- things that married women miss, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and often in spite of otherwise perfectly happy marriages. Getting hitched means compromise… which means letting go of some single behaviors you can't help but still love.

Here's what a bunch of married women miss most.

Not having to share

"Eating ice cream in peace without my husband taking huge bites out of it while I'm not looking." -- Morgana, 28, professional dancer

"Having the bed to myself!! There is nothing like being able to sprawl out your limbs for a good night's sleep! I always miss him when he is traveling, but it is such a luxury when he is gone and I get extra room all to myself." -- Katie, 27, personal trainer

"Having full control over the remote. Now that I'm married, my trash-TV binges have taken a backseat." -- Megan, 25, assistant manager of marketing research

Being able to do what I want, when I want

"Being able to come and go whenever you wanted and not having to check in with anyone was so refreshing. Having that independence was liberating, and though I love having a partner in crime 24/7, it is nice to be able to do something on my own terms. So, sure I had to turn down a spontaneous invite to the Taylor Swift concert [with my friends] for my mother-in-law's birthday dinner. But that's what I signed up for." -- Kim, 28, executive assistant and property manager

"Being alone sometimes and having that time to yourself, non-interrupted -- and having fewer responsibilities. When you're married, you have no choice but to think of your spouse, so I guess I can tag that as I miss being selfish." -- Danielle, 23, recruiter

Having full control over my money

"Being able to shop as much as I want and not thinking about how much I spend. Because hey, now we have a mortgage and have to save for kids we don't have yet." -- Samantha, 26, masters in education

"Two words: shopping sprees." -- Sarah, 37, stay-at-home mom

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Getting attention from other people

"Getting free drinks at the bar and flirting. Although my husband and I find little ways to flirt with each other, nothing beats that initial attraction and flirtation when you first meet someone." -- Megan, 25, assistant manager of marketing research

"I miss being able to give my number to whomever I wanted, and I miss the excitement of meeting new people at parties, bars, or wherever. That anticipation before a date, wondering what the other person is doing… I miss those thrills." -- Regina, 31, insurance rep

Eating random things for dinner and cooking new things

"I miss trying new, creative meals when cooking. My husband is so picky and likes pretty basic foods -- and of course I like to make meals he enjoys. So I'll just say we eat a lot of different versions of chicken." -- Kara, 26, registered dietitian

"Having wine and cheese for dinner! I used to have whatever I wanted for meals: cheese and crackers, gummy bears, or a Lean Cuisine. Now I try to make real meals with meat and veggies that we both like." -- Sara, 29, executive assistant & office manager

Having a clean space

"Not having to [pick] up after someone else. I'm not a maid." -- Samantha, 26, masters in education

"I used to leave my apartment, go to work, come home, and have it look just like I left it. Now, I'm perpetually washing dishes and sweeping. I feel like I've turned into my mother." -- Brittany, 28, teacher

Having idiosyncrasies that never got called out

"Squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube the way I like it and shaving just my calves in the wintertime." -- Morgana, 28, professional dancer

"I miss lying on the couch without someone coming up behind me to ask what I'm up to." -- Steph, 34, event planner

"I always used to love doing workout videos in my living room, sobbing along to crappy dramas, or doing weird stuff like having ice cream for breakfast because why not? Now, doing any of the above means I get made fun of. Relentlessly." -- Erin, 30, marketing specialist

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Amanda is a Thrillist contributor who doesn't miss anything about being single, because, well, that's her current relationship status. She was born and raised in St. Louis, attended Indiana University, and gets her zen on through meditation and mindfulness.