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Your guide to the stuff your girlfriend doesn't want you to find

Photo Courtesy of The Kush Company

The worst part about snooping through your girlfriend’s stuff is being nosy and invasive finding something vaguely threatening that you can’t identify. So what the hell is it?Don’t be intimidated, it’s not what you doubtless think it is. Unless the Kush Breast Separator is exactly what you thought it was, in which case you’ve got bigger problems than competition for real estate between your girlfriend’s breasts. The Kush is a plastic tube for women to wedge between their boobs and alleviate the coal-to-diamond pressure created by her Cs. Because sleeping on your back is for fast women.Is boob crush-age a problem? Depends on who you ask. If your girlfriend owns this gadget, her answer is probably yes and it means she has uncomfortably big boobs. Yay for you! But also, it means she has uncomfortably big boobs (boo for her.) So this is the cylindrical plastic object she carries to bed nightly. Phew, aren’t you glad for the Kush?