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It’s Not Your Fault: 50% of Women Feel Depressed After Sex

Published On 10/08/2015 Published On 10/08/2015

Cheer up, bro. You're not doing anything wrong. Well, no one can guarantee that, but lots of women actually suffer symptoms of depression after sex! It's called "Postcoital Dysphoria" (PCD) and it's the bedroom-version of killer bees — except these hungry bastard insects eat happiness.

In a survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a panel of 230 women were asked how they felt after sex and an astonishing 46% of respondents "reported experiencing PCD symptoms at least once in their lifetime with 5.1% experiencing PCD symptoms a few times within the past 4 weeks."

Women are getting sad after sex. 


Bustle goes on to list symptoms of PCD as consisting of "anxiety, agitation, aggression, tearfulness, and a sense of melancholy or depression following sexual intercourse." So, why does this keep happening to women?

Fear not, it's not from a weak penis game, but rather just the body's natural chemicals reacting badly. Researchers from the Queensland Institute of Technology theorize the sadness to source from "hormonal shifts which occur after orgasm, which can also trigger post-coital headaches." 

The conclusion from the survey says what many, many women are probably thinking when serious depression follows a sexual encounter: this is a problem that's under-recognized and under-researched. Just remember, guys: it's not your fault.

Except for you, Wil, your peep's on the fritz. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and considers himself lucky, because he never feels this way after sex...just before and during. 



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