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Study: British Dudes Are Extra Worried Their Penises Aren't Big Enough

Published On 10/09/2015 Published On 10/09/2015

British people are a hearty stock, by and large. But apparently, British guys don't feel their penises are of hearty enough stock -- more so than men elsewhere, in fact.

New data from YouGov, an international market research firm, suggests more young British guys are unhappy with the sizes of their dicks than are pleased by the size of their, uh, Big Ben. Specifically, 42% of men between the ages of 18 and 24 said they would like their penis to be bigger -- please and thank you -- while 36% said it's the right size. The research also found these lads feel significantly more inadequate and are much harder on themselves than their counterparts in similar Western nations. 

In addition to Britain, YouGov analyzed data on guys from Germany and the US, finding American men are the happiest with their hogs -- 58% said they're content with its size, while just 23% said they think it should be bigger. American exceptionalism, through and through. Meanwhile, German gents came in just above Britain, with 37% of guys saying they're comfortable with the extent of their member. 

But all things considered, there is such a thing as too big a dick. Just ask this guy.

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