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Love Rehab author Jo Piazza talks about men, women, and internet stalking

Author Jo Piazza

Jo Piazza -- Celebrity, Inc author, Executive News Director at In Touch and Life & Style, and former Daily News gossip columnist -- just published her first work of fiction, Love Rehab: A Novel in 12 Steps. The story's about a young woman whose post-breakup sadness spiral leads her to found an AA for people whose addiction to love is less Robert Palmer, and more restraining order -- so instead of interviewing Jo at a nice cafe, we sent her a series of harassing emails

What's the most innocuous form of ex-stalking?
I think Facebook stalking is pretty innocuous, although it has its dangers too.
What about the most nocuous?
In terms of techno stalking I think Twitter is the worst since you are watching what they do in real time. What's really bad is when you're reading their twitter from inside their closet.
So what are these Facebook dangers you speak of?
I will let you in on a little secret about how women Facebook stalk. If we're dating you, thinking about dating you or have dated you we have likely gone through every female friend in your Facebook arsenal to try to determine whether you have banged her.
Interesting. What are the signs that a banging has occurred?
It's hard to say. But we ladies really do fancy ourselves anthropologists in this regard. We look for signs. These things include Likes on someone's photos, flirty comments, etc. But really, when trying to see if a banging has occurred, you just have to go with your gut.

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As an appreciator of the old school, do you kinda have to respect a girl who physically stalks her ex- instead of cyber-stalking him? Is cyber-stalking too lazy to even be considered stalking?
Kids these days just don't have any respect for old school stalking... you know the kind where you would drive by someone's house, turn off the car lights and stare at their bedroom window. I remember the days before texting when you had to three-way call someone you wanted to date to get a friend to make him say things about you behind your back. It's all just too easy to be a stalker now.
Would you consider a follow-up novel in which the heroine was a defiantly old school stalker who refused to harness the power of social media, even at the peril of losing the man she doesn't really have a chance of getting back?
It would really be more of a novella. Don't you think?
You think her adventures would peter out more quickly due to her low Klout score?
Is any relationship really valid unless you tweet about it?
Definitely not. So, I want this interview to keep going forever and ever, but I have to go to a happy hour. I hope you'll be standing on the sidewalk staring at me through the window?
I am looking at you right now. Tuck your shirt in.
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