We Asked 200 New Yorkers Out on Tinder. Here's What We Discovered.

If you're single in NYC right now, you're probably on this exciting new cellular telephone app called "Tinder". And sure, maybe you're using it to earnestly try to meet people (you're not), or maybe you're using it just for hooking up (you are). Or maybe you're getting your Editorial Assistant, Tyler Beckwith and Freelance Tinderer Alexa Lyons, to use it to swipe right on 100 guys and gals, ask them "Where should we go on our first date?", pull out everything they learned, and report back. Us? We're using it the third way. (And the second way, but let's stay focused.)

So is everyone out there weird and desperate? Does anyone know a single good place in NYC to go on a date? How many people will suggest drugs? What about "Pound Town"? Well, we found out -- and before you ask, there were zero long-term, stable commitments entered into.