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Three gifts to get for your lady, one of which involves bathing in red wine

In the past, maybe you've spent Valentine's Day running from Duane Reade to Duane Reade looking for the perfect teddy bear holding M&Ms. But this year, all the best teddy bears holding M&Ms are at Rite Aid we've got you covered with gifts that are guaranteed to get your manhood inspected one way or another

Aire Ancient BathsWomen love being massaged, wine, and a youthful Richard Gere. Combine at least the first two at Tribeca's Aire Ancient Baths, which's offering V-Day packages that involve a "Thermal Bath Circuit", massage, and a dip in "a warm red wine bath", perfect if you're dating Blade.Packages run from $110 to $240 -- call 212.264.3777 or hit to set one up

Beth Macri Hidden Message PendantCreated by a former structural engineer (sexy!!), these necklaces have what look like little beams dangling from the chain. But as much as girls love little beams, they'll love this even more: when lifted up, they spell out a hidden personalized message on the bottom.They start at $125 per letter. Get it from Beth Macri Designs or stop by the Story Store while you still can.

3DEA: Make 3-D Prints of Something, Um, SpecialRemember when we told you about 3-D printing? Well the 3DEA popup has partnered with Openhouse Gallery, Toy Collective, and Babeland in a suite at the Eventi to make an exact 3-D plastic model of your body part that rhymes with "tang", and is called your "wang".They'll also have champagne, "films", and other comforts to make things easy for you. Sign up for one of the sessions on Feb 4th or Feb 11th here. Starts at $399, but hey, it's the gift that keeps on giving.