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Sweetheart shopping made easy

Face the facts: you can't buy your lady a full-body Timbers onesie for Valentine's Day... again, so why not try one of these gifts instead?Batch PDX ChocolatesIt's not V-Day without chocolate (though refusing to buy chocolate unfortunately doesn't make V-Day disappear), so hit up this spankin' new confectioner whose made-to-order candies include the jewelry box-shaped "Palet d'PDX" topped with silver leaf, and the white chocolate/passionfruit "Spicy Passion".Customize your Batch herePerfume HouseThe inconspicuous Perfume House (it's actually a house) claims to have the largest lady-scent selection in the world with over 1500 varietals, and the owner traveled the world training his nose to create the perfect blend, so he'll be able to pick out something your girl likes from amidst the overwhelming scent catalog.Get a look at the smells (?!) here3328 SE Hawthorne; Hawthorne District; 503.234.5375Hotel Max's Risque Business PackageOk, so this one's a little more outside the box/city: Seattle's chic boutique Hotel Max has a package that includes room, champagne, a private in-room photo shoot (it'll make a helluva Christmas card!), and a town car tour that ends at a Valentine's burlesque show. Take a little road trip with the lady, she'll thank you for it. You know... with sex.Book your room here$429 & up; 620 Stewart; Seattle; 206.728.6299