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Like the card game War, but for finding hotties

Published On 04/16/2012 Published On 04/16/2012

In case the last time you tried online dating was... never, see what you're missing with, an actually-worth-trying, SF-based site that lets you narrowly search for single people who a) aren't your Facebook friends, b) don't live in (gross) Crocker Amazon, and c) have impeccable calf symmetry. And because their How It Works isn't nearly as funny as ours, keep reading to find out how to:

Sign Up In 5min: After using your Facebook account to verify you're a real person (sucks to be you, Pinocchio!),'ll ask a few simple questions (age, height, build mutant ability), then auto-upload your FB profile pic to your bio, so even more people can start enjoying that totally deep Instagram. With your back turned. In snow-covered Vermont.

Only Search For People Who Live In Seacliff: Searchability-wise, this thing is no-Konami-code-needed advanced -- you can filter people outside of an adjustable radius, choose the age/height ranges you like, plus, after sharing with a few friends, even more specifics (body type, political views whether or not they're unfazed by dudes who shoot lasers from their eyeballs and must wear ruby-tinted sunglasses at all times).

Find A Match: Browsing is crazy simple: the site presents you with one person at a time who either meets your criteria ("I'm Interested") or doesn't ("No, Thanks"), the latter meaning you'll never see them again/they won't see you, and the former only alerting them if they're interested in you, sorta like the "Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No" letters you sent in fourth grade, minus the sweet Stussy art.

The site's all about honesty, so if you're too picky and say no to everyone in your search parameters, it'll reply with "Go Somewhere Else", provided it's not (gross) Crocker Amazon.



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