Sex + Dating

Handpicked hotties await

Finding an attractive date can be tough, unless you're easy on the eyes, hella interesting, or have recently purchased the fruit version of Great Grains cereal. Giving you a chance to find ladies with at least the first two, assuming you've also got the goods, Try Me, launching Wednesday in SF.

From two Syracuse alums who're kind of like female versions of Hitch, TM is a new dating service that -- if you're hot/ambitious/social enough -- invites you to exclusive monthly events that'll feature a curated guest list of people that don't suck, promising to eliminate "the chore of bar-hopping and the tedium of online browsing". You can get on the invite-only guest list one of two ways: 1) you're recommended by someone in their aesthetically pleasing network, or 2) you email them and go through a simple screening process called circle the fat where they'll check you out online (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and/or do a short phone/in-person chat to ensure you're not "lazy or crazy", so... sorry Manny Ramirez, at least you're still sweet at eBay-ing grills. Once you've got the invite, you pay a nominal cover ($20ish), and you're in with the option of enhancing your connection-making skills with either "The Special Treatment" -- they'll use a personal consultation to find out what you're looking for (Smarts! Sense of humor! Midgets!) then connect you with appropriately lovely pre-screened ladies at the party -- or, better still, a wing-woman who'll give you styling advice, practical date-ensuring tips, pep talks, and will even work the room with you, meaning yes, you will have someone to blame those farts on.

They'll expand the monthly invite-only events as the service ramps up to include more intimate affairs with 10-12 people that cater to your interests/strengths, ranging from bourbon tasting, to kickball, to cigar appreciation nights, meaning finding that attractive date will be much easier, unless you inexplicably decide to (multi-grain) flake.