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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you've always believed it's the thought that counts... your special lady friend probably broke up with you shortly after last year's Valentine's Day. But just in case she didn't, we've scoured Seattle for gifts she won't want to dump right after opening them. Sorry, bad choice of words.

The SpontaneitiniTotally pretend like you're spontaneous and fun and don't cripplingly over-think things by inviting your lady to BOKA on V-day, then casually ordering the Spontaneitini. You'll get two fancified cocktails (Grand Calvados & Creme de Cassis topped off with Louis Roederer Brut Reim and garnished with gold-dipped bourbon cherries) plus a key to a Luxe room at Hotel 1000, so you can totally do the sex that thing where you start to watch Looper then fall asleep.$250; 1000 1st Ave; Downtown; 206.957.1000; Call for reservations;

Blackbird by House of MatriarchHouse of Matriarch's teamed up with Blackbird on a fragrance that will make your lady smell "complex and endlessly interesting" thanks to it containing over "one hundred exotic and rare aromatics", including NW conifers, Puget Sound seaweed, leather, and that stuff the old dude in Jurassic Park used to make dinosaurs that would eventually eat Newman (amber).$65; 5410 22nd Ave NW; Ballard; 206.547.2524;

Hot Cakes' Valentine’s To-Go If you're already planning to do dinner out, skip the Baked Alaska, and head home for dessert with Hot Cakes' "Valentine's To-Go" kits featuring two Dark Decadence Molten Choc cakes, a pint of Bluebird's vanilla ice cream, and a jar of Dangerously Dark hot fudge sauce.$25; Available starting Feb 9th: 5427 Ballard Ave NW; Ballard; 206.420.3431;