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Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone From Toronto

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Truth be told, Toronto’s dating scene is just like Degrassi -- sex isn’t a big deal, love triangles happen, and Jimmy Brooks is everyone’s personal hero. It can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’d rather not be someone that gets into fights at the Cheesecake Factory, but luckily, the city is a hub for adventurous types looking for love. To help out your game, here are a few general guidelines to take heed of when courting someone from the Six.

Casual dating is a huge thing

Torontonians aren’t shallow or tough to crack; we’re just way more interested in the idea of being committed to a slice of pizza than an actual person because, let's be real, no one breaks up with pizza. We struggle with titles, we’re anti-PDA, and to us, an eight-month relationship that involves moving in together, a joint puppy, and a romantic trip to Marseille is just "hanging out." It’s a major flaw but it’s why we prefer the liberties of an open relationship, even if the pitfalls are a direct replica of the last five seasons of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

... Yet breaking up is always hard

Being non-committal should lead to a mature and squeaky clean breakup, right? Nope. Our undefined relationships are a catalyst for heartbreaking conclusions. Don't be surprised when you get a "Who's this?" from your ex you just texted because you got lonely. Being scrubbed from phones, social media, etc., is a petty move on our part but so is "It’s not you, it’s me."

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Inbox zero > your feelings

Toronto’s dating scene is full of career-oriented go-getters, and while we wouldn't exactly classify it as selfishness, our blog posts, ROM parties, and TIFF submissions (and smartphones) come before you. Sorry in advance.

You’ll have your own horror stories

There’s catfishing and ghosting, and then there’s going on a Tinder date with someone’s mom sitting in as third wheel. T-Dot has its fair share of interesting personalities, which are often the perfect catalysts for plenty of awkward moments. Like finding out about your date’s life-sized stuffed bear fetish.

Dating is like high school

Because everyone knows everyone. The city’s cliques are limited to "East" and "West," but somehow every single person who lives here has a connection to the person you most recently texted a winky smiley face to. It’s a Twilight Zone puzzle that will never be solved. There's little more tense than finding out you’re dating the ex of your favorite bartender’s second cousin.

We’re really obsessed with food

Toronto is packed with eclectic eats and some city dwellers would rather perform seppuku with Korean chopsticks than be seen inside of anything less than the city's best restaurants. Practice your poker face before the third and fourth dates -- that's when you'll be splurging on the omakase at Yasu, and you wanna look unfazed when your table is presented with the check, regardless of if you're paying.

Drink dates are the new coffee dates

Because whiskey trumps espresso and everyone’s a bartender.

Your date spots will be judged... hard

Happy hour hangs? Forget it. A night at the Scotiabank Theatre? Nope. A 1v1 round of 10 pin at The Ballroom? Think again. It’s 2016 and Toronto singles are infatuated with adventure and unexpected date ideas, which is why we'll blitz you with sarcasm if you ever mention Snakes & Lattes. May we suggest something better?

You will inevitably go to a sports game

Sports. Toronto loves them. Going on a date with someone that knows what ERA stands for will send our brain’s hamster (and wheel) into a hysterical fit. We eat, sleep, and breathe all-things Jays, Leafs, and Raptors.

We're extremely competitive

And that’s not just limited to who has the better Uber rating, which might as well be an argument over whether unicorns exist since you can't actually access it from the app's consumer-side interface. Some of us often treat relationships as a mind game that we're desperately trying to win and we’ll usually keep our opinions and emotions in check just to have the upper hand over our partner in any given situation.

The 3am booty call is alive and well

Toronto’s "beloved" transit system makes it fairly easy to attend an after-hours rendezvous that’s literally miles away (i.e., Yorkdale, Woodbine), and it further promotes our night owl lifestyle. Most bartenders, designers, and starving artists are nocturnal at heart and while they’ll usually roll out of bed at 3pm, our hormones usually don’t kick in until last call. In other words, you might want to stock up on Red Bull or befriend a classy late-night breakfast spot.

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Joshua Khan is a Toronto-based writer who recommends using a drive-in theatre to cap off your weekend date plans. Follow him and his endeavors over at: @blaremag