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Date less awkwardly

You know how in high school, you never really had to go on "dates", because everyone just sort of hung out in a big group, and then you'd eventually end up hooking up with whichever girl was most impressed by your Nissan Xterra, which was all of them? Well, Grouper is sort of like getting to go back to high school.Having already facilitated countless hook-ups in New York and San Fran (seriously, any attempt to count would violate federal law) and just now launching in town, Grouper's as simple as it is revolutionary: sign up for the service, they'll pair you with a lady, and then each of you bring two friends along on the initial group date. First though, you've gotta get a membership, which is kept exclusive to "interesting" people (they insist it's not a "velvet rope" thing!), so think hard when answering their three preliminary questions (eg "what was the last fun thing you did?"), then cross your fingers and let them look at your Facebook profile. Once in, they hand-match you with a girl based on "interests" ( yeah, probably just on level of hotness), you both invite wingmen/ladies, everyone pays $20, and it's on: they'll select a cool venue (like American Ice Co., Urbana, and Cuba Libre) and even pre-pay for the first round of drinks.And believe it: one of the founders actually met his current girlfriend on a Grouper, backing up their assertion that the whole three-on-three dynamic works way better than a standard or double date, because "you can either talk in three pairs of two, just with your friends, or as a group", ensuring that no one feels like they're just sort of the Xterra man there.