The Document

Breakdancing can do anything, from inspiring inter-racial respect in the 80's, to inspiring inter-species respect in Teen Wolf. Now, it's even making non-werewolf-related art cool...somehow...with The Document.

Running two nights only this week (Wed and Thurs), The Document's a collab project from a group of DC-based artists with backgrounds in everything from sculpture to painting to dance, in which breakers create hangable 2-D works by pigmentin' up and becoming the "literal vehicle that moves paint over canvas", as they stopped making Yugos like, 25 years ago. Clad in body suits, sneaks, and acrylic paint, B-boys are given direction (where and how to dance) by the visual artists as they work across anchored canvases, producing pieces like the currently available:

* "Jamaican Stop Light": formed by "uprocking" (a style of old school battling) between dancers wearing tropical colors (green/pink/yellow) on a jet black canvas, and presumably named for what jerks and/or people in a huge rush to get jerk run through.

* "Klein Blue and B-Boy Black": created by a combo of dancing and graffiti, inspired by a performance artist (Yves Klein) that named his own color blue, and glossed with a resin-finish -- also what people'd assume you were finishing if you tried to name your own color.

* "Night Crawler 2" : an X-Men-inspired 8' x 8' masterpiece made by performing continuous "airflairs" (...the one where they spin around on their hands) to avoid color smudging from too much body contact -- never a problem for the actual Nightcrawler. Mutant freak!

In addition to displaying all the previously created awesomeness, the crew'll be on hand both nights to break on a new piece and serve up booze, though hopefully not enough to inspire anyone's New Moon.