Food & Drink


Seemingly every other Virginian bed and breakfast advertises "George Washington slept here", which completely nullifies the novelty factor -- and besides, did George ever chug Cristal from the bottle while bathrobe-jetskiing around St. Tropez? Nope, so hang in the former crash pad of someone who did, at G2

Occupying a building that purportedly housed a scholarly young Puff Daddy during his Howard days, G2's a duplex'd, Ethiopian-leaning restaurant and lounge; downstairs is a slim, scatter-seated eatery with a black/white tiled floor and a long, sleek bar, while the top level opens things up with a circular, fluorescent blue bar surrounded by a lacquered dance floor big enough to give your Running Man full-on sprinting opportunities. For the Ethi-open minded diner, they've got regional specialties like Kitfo (minced beef in a chili spice blend) and Lega Tibs: tender cubes of lamb shoulder stir-fried in rosemary and garlic, ensuring e'rybody in the club's gettin' Tibsy. To satisfy less Addis Abab-ian appetites, hearty standbys run from the Amber Grilled Chicken sandwich loaded up with turkey bacon on Italian herb bread) sandwiches, to a two-patty, cheddar/Monterrey Jack monster dubbed the "Mash Tub Burger", for when you simply must slip into a relaxing bath of warm cholesterol

Though still not liquor-licensed, the top floor'll eventually rotate between stand-up comedians, jazz bands, and DJs spinning contemporary Ethiopian hit-makers -- though hopefully no Diddy tracks, or you'll advertise "I Wept There".