The Ultimate Shopping Guide to Atlanta

From a bespoke menswear shop to a woke bookstore, these 22 small businesses in Atlanta have all your shopping needs covered.

The Victorian Atlanta
The Victorian | Photo by Daniel Stabler
The Victorian | Photo by Daniel Stabler

In Atlanta, small businesses aren't just a seasonal slice of peach pie—they're the whole dang dessert table, all year long. Tucked under the city's Southern oaks and nestled in its historic nooks, these beloved small businesses make spending your bucks feel like you're high-fiving the whole neighborhood. In a world where swipes and clicks are king, dropping dough here is your rebel yell for community.

So when it's time to decide where to shop in Atlanta, look to these trailblazers: the bold, the brilliant, the downright crafty. From the bibliophile’s paradise in Decatur to a tea emporium off the BeltLine, this is your treasure map to commerce and charisma that’s quintessentially Atlantan. With every purchase, you're supporting a city that's bold, eccentric, and unmistakably peachy.

Capella Cheese
Capella Cheese | Photo by Matthew Reed

Capella Cheese

Armour Yards

Look out for: Fromage board provisions from far-flung locales
Conceptualized by the renowned Raymond Hook of Star Provisions, this expansive 3,500-square-foot cheese emporium in Armour Yards boasts an impressive selection of 250 cheeses from around the globe. Its custom cheese case and three climate-controlled rooms ensure that every slice, wheel, and wedge, sourced from the world's top cheesemakers, is showcased in its finest form.

Sid Mashburn


Look out for: Sharp suits and second-to-none styling
Sid Mashburn isn't just Atlanta's fashion kingpin anymore—he’s now a nationwide style guru. Picture walking into the swankiest living room you've ever seen: vintage rugs, tartan accents, and all. This Westside gem is a sartorial wonderland where you can overhaul your wardrobe in one go. It's all about precision tailoring in a workshop as open and buzzing as a chef's kitchen. Linger for a cold beer and a game of ping-pong that’ll make you want to stay well beyond the final fitting.

Dixon Rye
Dixon Rye | Photo by Mali Azima

Dixon Rye


Look out for: Worldly home decor sure to give you style points
Opened in 2015, this ITP boutique is a crossroads of culture where refinement meets eclectic finds from continents afar—all sans jet lag. Interior designer Bradley Odom uses his two-plus decades of design savvy to redefine Southern charm at his shop, melding it with a worldly flair so every corner of this home emporium is worth perusing.

Virginia Highland Books
Photo courtesy of Virginia Highland Books

Virginia Highland Books

Virginia Highland

Look out for: Cozy reads recommended by the expert staff
Virginia Highland Books is Atlanta's bibliophilic nook, where classics cozy up to the latest page-turners. Barely two years old, but already wise like an old sage, the shop beats in effortless sync with Atlanta's eclectic heart. The ambiance is super snug—think plush benches and scattered rugs. Descend the storied author stairs to a literary den below, where every step is a nod to the greats of writing.

Kinship Butcher Sundry
Photo by Sarah Carpenter

Kinship Butcher & Sundry

Virginia Highland

Look out for: Everything you need to host an epic dinner party
Kinship, nestled in the heart of Virginia-Highland, offers a unique blend of chef-driven butchery and a diverse shop of epicurean delights. At the shop, Myles Moody infuses Michelin-starred expertise into every cut of meat and Rachael Pack skillfully pairs organic wines with fine artisan cheeses. The experience is heightened with Academy Coffee's creative brews, including the standout “Hercules, Hercules!” and other innovative creations by coffee alchemist Connan Moody.

Young Blood Boutique


Look out for: Curated accessories to spice up your outfit and home
Young Blood Boutique, the retail kin of Young Blood Gallery, stands as a Poncey-Highland cornerstone within the Reynoldstown Atlanta Dairies complex. It's a curated enclave where Atlanta’s essence is captured in handcrafted greetings, contemporary jewelry, and more. Beyond the bespoke accessories, you'll encounter bath bombs with a twist, earrings crafted with care, and handbags that tell a story of Atlanta’s artisanal spirit.

The Zero Co
Photo courtesy of The Zero Co

The Zero Co


Look out for: Non-alcoholic beverages that bring the party
This Poncey-Highland newcomer is a joint venture between Elemental Spirits Co., a purveyor of natural wine and small-batch spirits, and the Zero Proof, a distributor specializing in non-alcoholic beverages. Stocking more than 300 non-alcoholic beverages, from craft beers to refined wines, The Zero Co is set on commanding the NA scene as a new destination for sober sipping. It's where Atlanta's party spirit gets a non-alcoholic remix, proving great times don't always need a kick.

The Victorian
Photo by Daniel Stabler

The Victorian

Multiple locations

Look out for: Leafy new friends (and everything you need to care for them)
The Victorian Atlanta sprouts across the city as a hideaway for plant lovers, curated by Georgia State alums Cary Smith and Libby Hockenberry. Launching within Ponce City Market in 2017, they've since rooted their rare botanicals in East Atlanta Village, brewing symbiosis with Bellwood Coffee. Now, perched above their leafy kingdom at the Old Fourth Ward outpost, Burle’s Bar blossoms—a cocktail oasis floating over a jungle of greenery, pouring spirited concoctions, artisanal beers, and select vintages. With plans to pepper the air with culinary creations from local chefs, The Victorian is Atlanta's multi-level escape into botany and beyond.


Upper Westside

Look out for: Luxury threads to fill your closet
ANT/DOTE, founded by Atlanta’s own Lauren Amos, is a fashionista's secret passage in the Westside. Elusive luxury labels—Mad et Len, Junya Watanabe—fill the longstanding dearth of truly hip boutiques in the city's style map. The venue, a 1950 Art Deco enigma with a spy-tech past, whispers of its clandestine heritage if you listen closely. Transformed by Chris Benfield, the architect behind North America's Dior Homme and Balenciaga boutiques, ANT/DOTE is Atlanta's altar to high-end fashion.

Charis Books & More
Photo courtesy of Charis Books & More

Look out for: A woke book selection and lots of inspiring events
Charis Books and More, Decatur's literary vanguard, has been flipping the script on the South's narrative since 1974. This stronghold of subversion wields books as tools of revolution, fueling feminist discourse, dismantling white supremacy, and amplifying LGBTQ+ narratives. It's a cerebral crossroads, pushing boundaries with pages on anti-racism, queer perspectives, and children's tales that challenge the norm.

City Issue
Photo courtesy of City Issue

City Issue

Candler Park

Look out for: Antique treasures to fill your home
City Issue, Atlanta's unrivaled outpost for midcentury marvels, is a magnet for the design-savvy. Jennifer Sams, the visionary at the helm since the turn of the millennium, imparts her vast trove of knowledge to the connoisseurs who walk through the doors of her Candler Park establishment. It's a pilgrimage site for the modernist at heart—where the secrets of starting a storied collection are unveiled and the map to antiquing nirvana is redrawn.

Just Add Honey Tea Company
Photo courtesy of Just Add Honey Tea Company

Look out for: Tea blends to perk up or chill out
Just Add Honey Tea Company is a sweet spot along the BeltLine where tea zeal meets a zen retreat. Born from a thirst for the ultimate cup, this boutique brew-hub dishes out sophisticated yet playful infusions. With an upgraded space behind Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall, this tea temple pairs local pastries with an encyclopedic array of 40 loose-leaf teas. From earthy Chinese pu’erh to signature Georgia peach black teas and green blends kissed with yerba mate, lemongrass, and lavender—every selection invites a journey of the senses.

the beehive


Look out for: Artisan jewelry and other local creations
The Beehive in Edgewood is Atlanta's go-to for locally crafted goods. A marketplace pulsing with innovation, it's where discerning shoppers find everything from cutting-edge fashion to bespoke baby gear. This holiday season and beyond, shopping at The Beehive means directly supporting the city's creative entrepreneurs, making every gift a story of local empowerment and craftsmanship.

Fetch Park & Ice House

Multiple locations

Look out for: An opportunity to play with your pup
Fetch Park unleashes the ultimate play haven for pooches across Atlanta. More than a dog park, it's a social club for canines and humans alike, featuring splash pads for the pups and community events that turn every visit into a howling good time. Think trivia for the humans and singles nights that could lead to fur-ever connections. Got a dog-lovin' pal? Treat them to a Fetch membership for tail-waggin' good time. Or, snag some sassy branded merch to put a little extra bark in their step.

Look out for: Lunch and local pantry products all under one roof
Little's Food Store stands as Atlanta's authentic slice of bodega life, flipping burgers, grilling dogs, and fulfiling grocery needs since 1929. Nestled in the evolving landscape of Cabbagetown, once a gritty mill town, this grocer and deli has witnessed the transformation from industrial grit to upscale urbanity. Owners Brad and Nina Cunard, Cabbagetown residents pre-BeltLine boom, serve up history with every bite or grocery run, with everything from local beer and wine to specialty chips and toothpaste available for purchase. They demand of newcomers the same respect as old-timers, ensuring Little's remains a place where community trumps change and a well-mannered hello is currency.

Archer Paper Goods

Multiple locations

Look out for: Greeting cards that always know the right thing to say
Archer Paper Goods is the paper-centric sibling to the popular home goods store The Merchant in Ponce City Market. It's a veritable paradise for paper lovers, stocked with 75 kinds of pens and pencils and greeting cards that cover every conceivable occasion. Amid washi tape and marbled erasers, find niche delights from Rifle Paper Co. to Katie Leamon's UK charm. With a camp-inspired theme, this boutique goes beyond the paper norm, offering a dash of whimsy with vintage-style Atlanta postcards and an array of tchotchkes that promise to steal the show.

Spotted Trotter
Photo courtesy of Spotted Trotter

Look out for: Charcuterie straight from the source
Founded in 2009, The Spotted Trotter, nestled on the cusp of Reynoldstown and Edgewood, is Atlanta's charcuterie champion. Chef Kevin Ouzts, a Le Cordon Bleu grad with stints at The Fatted Calf and The French Laundry, crafts a celebration of the Southeast's flavors. Sourcing sustainably and locally, this butcher shop dazzles with a medley of meats, cheeses, and unique dry goods. From Southern-inspired salami to handcrafted sausages and pâtés, every bite echoes Ouzts' commitment to "Making Good Food The Right Way."

Happy Mango

Upper Westside

Look out for: Earth-friendly threads for all the kiddos in your life
Happy Mango is redefining eco-friendly parenting, expanding from its Kirkwood roots to a spacious 2,000-square-foot spot at The Works on the Westside. Founded in 2009 by visionary mom Phnewfula Frederiksen, it’s packed with eco-conscious products from brands like Nuna and Magnetic Me, Happy Mango blends luxury with a commitment to the planet. And with Frederiksen's expertise as a certified safety passenger technician, you're not just buying products; you're ensuring a safer, greener journey for your little one, from top-notch gear to expert car seat installation.

Beautiful Briny Sea

Old Fourth Ward

Look out for: Flavored finishing salt that makes a unique host gift
Beautiful Briny Sea crafts culinary magic in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward, where Suzi Sheffield, a restaurateur turned salt sorceress, conjures small-batch blends from the sea. Born of a 2011 quest for adventure and a zest for kitchen alchemy, her creations—infused with sustainability and heart—now span a dozen daring salts and beyond. From the Salt Shack, Suzi's whimsy whips up new delights, promising future fusions and unexpected pairings.

Monday Night Brewing
Photo courtesy of Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing

Multiple locations

Look out for: Locally made brews perfect for any party
Monday Night Brewing’s Garage location is Atlanta's West End fermenting frontier, perfecting the art of barrel-aged and sour beers. This taproom pours exclusive small-batch brews in a space that defies the ordinary alongside the BeltLine trail. So stick around and relax for a while over pizza crafted with a wild year sourdough or grab some brews to bring to your next party.

Record Loft
Photo courtesy of The Record Loft

Record Loft


Look out for: Vintage instruments and unexpected vinyl
The Record Loft stands as East Atlanta's vinyl sanctum, a crate-digger's paradise lined with guitars and brimming with records. This Ormewood Park alcove hums with history, offering a sonic spread from jazz riffs to hip-hop beats, alongside vintage stereos and musical treasures. Step in and tune out to the timeless echo of needle on groove.

Nourish Botanica

South Atlanta

Look out for: Dried flowers to spruce up your space for a lifetime
Nourish Botanica is Quianah Upton's visionary creation, blooming in Atlanta as a Black- and woman-owned greenhouse and cafe. Since 2014, it's been a space for healing, intertwining art, home-grown flora, and nutrient-rich fare with herbal alchemy. More than simply a flower shop and cafe, it's a forum fostering dialogue on food and economic justice, championing food justice crusaders, and nurturing the work of those battling for equality.