This CBD Oil Is High Potency, Not High-Priced

cbdMD is launching a selection of high-potency oil tinctures, gummies, and softgels that you can get for under $70 a bottle right now.

Photo Courtesy of cbdMD
Photo Courtesy of cbdMD
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Back in the heady days of 2019 – seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? – CBD oil had just hit the market in many states and was flying off the shelves, despite sky-high prices. With reports of benefits like better sleep and calming effects zooming around the internet, dropping $100 on just a monthly supply of 25mg servings of CBD seemed like it was worth a shot.

Now that the price of everything is going up, consumers have been taking a hard look at their CBD habits. Is 25mg a day really having much of an effect on your sleep or stress? Is it worth spending three times as much for a stronger potency? That can be a tough decision.

It’s against that backdrop that CBD industry heavyweight cbdMD is taking a radical new tack: launching a selection of CBD oil tinctures, gummies, and softgels with up to 200mg of CBD per serving… and a price tag under $70 a bottle, thanks to a current promotion.

Why you might want to try high-potency CBD oil

The fact is, there was never much research to support low CBD dosages of 5 or 10mg that you could get from countless CBD products over the last few years. Most scientific studies supporting the benefits of CBD, like improving anxiety or chronic pain treatment, gave their subjects hundreds of milligrams at a time.

In our company's experience, in the early days after CBD was legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill, the supply of high-quality hemp to make CBD from was severely limited. After all, in many states it had only just become legal to grow hemp in the first place — and it was subject to strict regulations. So raw CBD was expensive to get, making the end CBD products expensive too.

Nowadays, hemp is more abundant and so is raw CBD, so it’s mostly the force of habit (and profit) that’s kept the prices of CBD products up. cbdMD is breaking that habit by pricing higher-potency CBD products at a level that’ll cost you no more than a daily trip to your local coffee shop. So if you’d cut back on your CBD spending because you weren’t seeing any benefits from the products you could afford, you may want to give these a shot.

Even if you were happy with your lower-potency CBD, high-strength CBD products give you more value for your money. Say you were spending $50 to get a 750mg bottle of CBD oil, and taking a 1mL serving with 25mg of CBD every morning and evening. Well, with cbdMD’s current promotion, now you can spend $54 to buy a 1500mg CBD oil bottle and get the same dosage with half a milliliter, so the bottle will last you twice as long.

Choosing the right CBD dosage

cbdMD’s products still come in a range of strengths, from 50mg to 250mg of CBD per serving, so you can still tailor your serving size to your personal needs and physiology. But another great thing about the new high-potency CBD products is that they’re also available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum.

Full spectrum CBD has small amounts of other compounds from the hemp plant, like cannabinoids and terpenes, including a little bit of THC. Broad spectrum is similar, but has no detectable levels of THC in it. Neither product is going to get you high, but many people feel that the added bit of THC makes the effects stronger, especially for relaxation and better sleep.

So when considering the potency of the product, you’ll want to consider both the CBD potency levels and the THC potency levels to gauge the overall effectiveness. Fortunately, cbdMD lists both the milligrams of CBD and the milligrams of THC on the containers of all its full spectrum products, so it’s really easy to keep track.

Speaking of full spectrum CBD, another cool new product line from cbdMD is their full spectrum CBD sleep aids. Available in both CBD oil and softgels, this adds melatonin with traditional calming herbs like valerian and chamomile to their popular full spectrum formula of CBD for additional sleep aid.

So if you’ve been feeling like CBD might be too rich for your blood, you should definitely check out It might be just the thing to get you excited about CBD again.