5 Things to Know About DashMart, the Convenience Store with Local Favorites

Image: Doordash; Illustration: Allie Pakrosnis/Thrillist
Image: Doordash; Illustration: Allie Pakrosnis/Thrillist

If you’re anything like us, your pandemic survival plan involved a lot of DoorDash. The food delivery app served up freshly-cooked local restaurant meals all year long, bridging the gap between struggling businesses and their customers who were stuck at home. Now, they've expanded to an entirely new form of delivery. Last August, they launched DashMart, a virtual convenience store run by the company. Since then, they’ve expanded across the country, so there’s a good chance it’s now available near you. Here are five things to know about DashMart before placing your first order:

It has everything you need

If you’d find an item at your local convenience store, it’s on DashMart. That means essentials like cough medicines or dog food, plus all the snacks you love like ice cream and chips. Everything you could need is available at the push of a button, without having to walk to your nearest gas station.

It’s stocked with local restaurant favorites

DoorDash searched high and low to find the foods that people can’t get enough of, and stocked their DashMarts to keep up. Packaged desserts, spices, local sauces — it’s all available. In Denver, that means local favorites like Brothers BBQ sauce, or Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli in Chicago. They’ve even got national brands like The Cheesecake Factory on board, so you can get their retail offerings quickly.

It helps new businesses gain shelf space

DashMart allows businesses to sell their products with an extremely low barrier to entry, so they’re opening up a new customer base to all sorts of fledgling brands. Things like cookbooks, artisanal food items, and home goods are new categories for DoorDash, and their Main Street Strong program aims to provide support for all sorts of local businesses, not just restaurants.

Delivery is in 30 minutes or less

The same speed you’ve come to expect from DoorDash applies doubly to DashMart. Since they’re owned and operated by DoorDash, deliveries are streamlined and easy. There’s no better way to get your convenience store items fast.

It's currently available in 36+ cities, with more on the way

DashMart launched in August 2020 in eight pilot cities, but the success of the rollout convinced them to open even more. It's now available in Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Denver, and many more markets, and is still expanding quickly, so look for it soon in your neighborhood.