Thoughtful Adult Easter Basket Ideas for Plant Lovers, Globetrotters, and More

Adults deserve Easter gifts, too!

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Easter baskets are usually filled with lots of candy—which is great for kids, but we’d rather save our sugar intake for some mimosas during brunch. However, there are still a lot of ways to keep the grown-up fun going while the little ones are running around searching for eggs. That’s why we’ve curated some Easter basket ideas for adults, filled with thoughtful gifts that are tailored for different interests. To get started, select an empty basket or simply choose different Baggu reusable bags for each person. Then, fill them with these unique Easter gifts for the plant lovers, weed enthusiasts, outdoorsy types, globetrotters, and coffee lovers in your life.

For the plant lover


Whether plants are a newfound hobby or already part of their lifestyle, a gardening-themed Easter basket will help them keep their green collection growing. Stuff the basket with thoughtful gifts like baby strawberry plants, mini planters, a small watering can, plant picks, and plant food.

For the friend who celebrates 4/20

Dad Grass

Puff, puff, pass that Easter basket to a special friend with all the goodies they’ll need to celebrate 4/20—which is conveniently just a few days after Easter. In this basket you can include must-have accessories like a good grinder, a pretty pipe, gold rolling, papers, and a lighter, as well as odor-eliminating spray and CBG joints to conclude a good session.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Gentlemen's Hardware

Your outdoorsy friend is probably getting ready to embark on their spring and summer adventures any time soon. Help them prepare with a few essentials they might need during their journey. Start with a book that they can use for insightful tips and then gather other accessories that can come in handy, like a tumbler, tool kit, compass, hiking socks, and headlamp.

For the globetrotter


Dedicate this basket to your travel buddy and stuff it with accessories that will make packing a breeze. Even if they consider themselves globetrotters, they will really appreciate all the help to finally make everything fit in just a carry-on. For that, consider gifting them organizers like Baggu’s Zip Set, a pill box storage, and S’well’s travel bottle set. You can also include useful accessories like a worldwide plug adapter, sleep eye mask, and a nice sling bag.

For the coffee lover


If you know someone who can’t start their day until they’ve had their first cup of joe, make sure to fill up their basket with all the coffee essentials. Perhaps a bag of premium coffee is a great way to start, but don’t forget to include other accessories that will encourage them to experiment with different ways of brewing. Some examples are a book where they can learn about at-home brewing methods, an adorable Moka set, an electric milk frother, and a temperature smart mug.

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