15 Expensive-Looking Products Under $50 That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Kitchen

Danna Windsor
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You don’t have to wield the masterful meal prep skills of Ina Garten to appreciate the beauty of a nice  kitchen. And sure, spending a mint on Viking appliances or under-counter wine fridges is one way to take yours to the next level, but there’s a much cheaper (and easier) way to elevate the look and feel of the most popular room in your home. 

A few elegantly designed and thoughtfully  appointed items -- from tea pots, to dish towels, and even the trash can you use -- can go a long, long way towards breathing fresh life into your kitchen. Better yet, you don’t have to look hard or pay boutique prices to achieve a look that suggests that you did There are plenty of incredibly affordable (yet expensive-looking) kitchen items on Amazon that’ll woo your guests and give the hub of your home the facelift it so richly deserves. Here are some of our favorites.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A Japanese cast iron teapot

Price: $25
There are countless teapot options out there, but how many of them ditch the traditional spherical look for a elegantly boxy, diamond pattern? toptier’s Japanese cast-iron teapot gives the humble product a stylish upgrade with its unique design. Also, clean up is a cinch: Just a little bit of water will do. Rinse, dry, and then post it up on your stovetop -- it’s a striking and guaranteed conversation starter.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A marble paper towel holder

Price: $24
Though a paper towel holder is nothing more than a utilitarian device to stash your Bounty, it shouldn’t be ugly, and it definitely doesn’t need to be boring. This solid marble-based option is decidedly neither of those things, sporting a strong acacia wood center that turns it into a functional piece of art that’ll handsomely sit on your counter.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A subtly retro trash can

Price: $48
We think 2020 is the year you finally ditch your old white plastic trash can for good, and this Mingol model is one to keep your eye on. Outside, it sports a retro facade (available in four neutral and pastel hues to match your kitchen’s existing palette), and features a removable inner bucket to make emptying it a breeze. Plus, it’s small enough that you can stash it pretty much anywhere out in the open without it hogging any precious floor space.

Amazon/Danna Windosr

A set of 4 mini artificial succulents

Price: $17
An upgraded kitchen requires some vegetation that exists outside your refrigerator. Instead of springing for real-life plants, opt for this tidy four-piece set of artificial succulents. They’re not giant, so they won’t take up counter space; however, their clean-white pots and waxy green leaves will pop wherever you place them, giving the room life without requiring the upkeep that actual plants demand.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

KAF dish towels

Price: $13
Yes, dish towels are all but guaranteed to get nasty and stain-riddled over time, but opting for something a bit design-forward shows that you’ve put a more than a litle thought behind your whole kitchen motif. This set of four cotton towels -- which come in both lemon yellow or grey accented versions -- are just $13 a pop, significantly cheaper than what you’d spend for something similar at Williams-Sonoma or any other pricey kitchen shop.

Amazon/Danna Windsor


Price: $10
We’re not here to try and make trivets sexy, because well, they’re not. However, like large drink coasters, they become as much a part of your decor as they do a protective layer for surfaces. This set of three are made of coiled coiled cotton and sport a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic (though you won't have to worry about having the same ones IKEA ones as everyone else).

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A handsome butter dish

Price: $9
Butter doesn’t need anything flashy to get the job done, but a countertop butter dish is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of understated flair to your space that suggests that, yes, you do indeed cook. This cleanly designed porcelain vessel has room for two sticks, sports a subtly stylish triangle pattern around the upper edge, and rocks a beech wood lid to keep it fresh.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A glass water pitcher

Price: $18
Keeping a pitcher of lemon water (or fresh iced tea) in your kitchen is a super simple move that adds a certain level of sophistication to the space. And when you keep it at the ready in a pitcher that looks like this elegantly modern glass one, people notice. 

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A marble salt cellar

Price: $22
A salt dish is one of those seemingly unnecessary items that -- once you've bought one -- you'll wonder why you never had before. This clean and simple marble version is perfectly suited to sit near your stovetop, filled with whatever variety of sodium chloride you prefer to cook/garnish with (though, really, this thing is just begging to be stocked with flakes of Maldon).

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A geodesic dome fruit bowl

Price: $11
Though fresh fruit and veggies are a stylish addition themselves to any kitchen space, it's worth showcasing your latest haul of colorful produce in a more thoughtful way. This geodesic dome-style bowl is just the vessel to do it with, taking care of food storage while giving off casual art gallery-caliber vibes. 

Amazon/Danna Windsor

An understated charcuterie board

Price: $25
Although mastering the art of a well-balanced and beautiful charcuterie spread takes some practice, the most basic element you'll need is a solid wood or slate board as your base. This excellent (and excellently priced) wood slab is the perfect contender, giving you ample space to arrange cheeses, meats, and crackers/bread, along with three modest troughs to stash nuts, pickled veggies, dried fruit, or whatever else it is you decide to incorporate.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

Food storage jars

Price: $29
Far be it for us to criticize your Mason jar collection or stash of Gladware you've amassed in recent years, but if you're hoping to achieve a slightly elevated aesthetic, you ought to consider grabbing a pair (or more) of these simple ceramic storage vessels. They're equipped with airtight wooden lids and available in three different sizes, making them great for stashing everything from grains, to spices, to tea or coffee.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

Nesting doll measuring cups

Price: $13
Even most nice or expensive measuring cups and spoons aren't cut out to be on display in your kitchen, which is what makes these disguised cooking/baking tools so great. The charming six cup set is made from heavy duty plastic, and they all together when not in use to resemble a trio of traditional Russian matryoshka dolls. 

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A wall-mounted pot rack & organizer

Price: $40
For those of us struggling with a lack of kitchen space, overhead storage is the key to finding a home for all the essentials. One of the tidier ways to achieve that is with a simple powder-coated iron pot and pan rack like this one, which can be easily mounted to your wall. It features clean lines and enough room to stash and hang every piece of cookware in your arsenal without taking up any precious cabinet real estate.

Amazon/Danna Windsor

A sleek toaster

Price: $40
There are countless countertop appliances to take care of every little cooking task imaginable, but the humble two-slice toaster is the only one -- besides a microwave -- that really deserves a permanent seat out in the open. That's in part because it's good to have quick and easy access for morning toast, but also because they add a touch of sophistication to the whole spread when you invest in a minimalist version that's  as cleanly designed as this stainless steel setup from LauKingdom.

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