Celebrate 4/20 With Potent Discounts on Top-Notch Portable Vapes

Happy holidays.

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Though this year's 4/20 festivities may look a little different for many of us, there's no reason not to smoke 'em if you got 'em while socially isolating and hanging at home. And if you're looking for a bonus reason to celebrate this most hallowed of days for cannabis consumption, one of the most popular vaporizer makers out there is offering deep discounts on some of its best-selling products.

To honor 4/20, Air Vape is offering "high discounts" on some of its most popular (and top rated) portable vaporizers through the end of April. The company -- which makes models for both dry herb and oil usage -- has earned high praise from newcomers and old pros alike for its easy to use products that are both ultra-portable and for delivering reliably rich vapor. If you're in the market for a newer, better vaping experience, here are the big deals to get after right now.

  • Get the AirVape X for $99 ($80 off): This is the brand's signature dry herb vape, which boasts a slim profile and a nifty digital temperature and status display. You can also pick from the Special Edition or Artists Edition models (which are a bit more colorful than standard black), but those carry a slightly higher price tag. [Use code AVX42020 to get the deal]
  • Get the AirVape OM for $59 ($40 off): Looking for an ultra-portable vape for oils or concentrates? The ultra-discreet OM has you covered, and even comes with a built-in keyring. [Use code OM42020 to get the deal]
  • Get the AirVape Legacy for $149 ($100 off): This is AirVape's latest offering, which it considers its most advanced dry herb vape to date thanks to its ultra-fast heat-up time and wireless charging capability. And while it's not shipping quite yet, you can currently get a hefty discount when you place a pre-order. [Use code LGY42020 to get the deal]

Head to AirVape and scope out the savings.

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