Save Up to 60% on Pro-Quality Cookware from All-Clad

All-Clad's clearing out everything: pots, pans, kitchen accessories, slow cookers, baking sets, and so much more.

All Clad
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Take all of your old pots and pans, put them up for sale on Craigslist or Marketplace, and then use that money to replace them with significantly better pots and pans from this amazing two-day sale from All-Clad

From now until September 17th at 11:59pm EST, All-Clad is throwing its Truckload Clearance Event where everything must go. This basically means you can get long lasting, pro-quality cookware for wayyy under retail price. The catch? It's not much of a catch at all, but everything is either a factory second or has box damage. 

A factory second has absolutely no defects that would affect the performance of the product -- there might be something off about an engraving (or missing an engraving altogether). And a box defect means that the packaging was damaged in transit and can't be put on retail. 

You, however, can reap the reward for clicking in and load up on everything from a $200 slow cooker that's selling for $79.95 to an 8" frying pan going for $49.95 (down from $110).

Here are some of the best deals -- get them before they sell out.

All Clad

Price: $299.95 (was $700.00)
You save $400.05 (57% off)

All Clad

Price: $79.95 (was $200.00)
You save: $120.05 (60%)

All Clad

Price: $49.95 (was $110.00)
You save: $60.05 (55%)

All Clad

Price: $139.95 (was $375.00)
You save: $235.05 (63%)

All Clad

Price: $69.95 (was $185.00)
You save: $115.05 (62%)

There's so much more to take a look at in the sale, including but not limited to baking sets; accessories like wine openers and spatulas; items for outdoor cooking; Dutch ovens; and so much more.

Get to All-Clad quick -- the best stuff will 100% sell out.

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