This Super-Comfy Eco-Conscious Loungewear Is 40% off for Earth Day

Sustainably produced WFH-appropriate apparel? It's a win-win.

Alternative Apparel
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Although there is no "proper" working-from-home dress code, the wisest among us have quickly learned that the key is to remain as comfortable as possible while staying presentable (from the torso-up, at least) for whatever Zoom meetings may be on your schedule. Of course, that also means you may be looking to level-up your loungewear. Luckily, now's a good time to do it -- while doing your part to be an eco-conscious consumer -- thanks to Alternative Apparel's Earth Day sale. 

To celebrate Earth Day this year, e-conscious retailer Alternative Apparel is offering 40% off its entire Eco and Organics collections, which are stocked with a huge selection of ultra-comfortable tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, henleys, shorts, joggers, and more. In other words, all the essentials for working from home in maximum comfort. The company prides itself on being exceptionally environmentally conscious by using eco-friendly materials (e.g., recycled cotton, hemp blends, certified organic cotton, etc.), low-impact dyes, water-conserving washes, and biodegradable mailer bags. It's also focused on ensuring that its workplace conditions for the people who produce its clothes are fair, safe, and clean. 

To get a sense for what's up for grabs, take a look around the Eco and Organics sections, and use code SUSTAIN40 at checkout to get 40% off.

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