Here's How to Lock in a Free $10 Credit for Amazon Prime Day

There are a few easy ways to secure $10 credits, so you can save even more during Amazon's huge sales event.

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Like everything else in 2020, this year's Amazon Prime Day is a little bit different than before. Notably, it's happening in October (it kicks off Tuesday, October 13 and runs through Wednesday, October 14), which means it's serving as an unofficial kickoff to holiday shopping season. And while there will be countless deals worth taking advantage of once the sale officially goes live, you can actually already nab some free money to put toward your purchases. 

Essentially, you have two ways to lock in a free $10 credit ahead of time. The first way to do so is to spend $10 or more on purchases from select merchants in Amazon's small business store. There are thousands of products that qualify, as the eligible small business items that will qualify you for the credit include everything from groceries to jewelry, toys and games, electronics, beauty and personal care, and even pet products (you can scope out all the great small businesses in the mix here). The only catch with this free $10 credit is that you must make the purchase on the small business items by the end of the day on Monday, October 12, and use the credit during the duration of Prime Day (the credit expires once Prime Day is over). 

The other way to lock in a $10 credit to use during Prime Day is by shopping at Whole Foods. Spend $10 or more on any Whole Foods order before Wednesday, October 14 (either online using your Amazon account or in-store by scanning your purchase via the Whole Foods app), and you'll get a $10 credit applied to your account. Again, though, like the other offer this credit is only valid through Prime Day, and will expire when Prime Day is over at the end of Wednesday. 

Now go forth and secure your free money!

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