How to Unlock a Prime Day Discount by Shopping from Small Businesses on Amazon

You can receive a $10 Prime Day credit in return for any small business purchase through June 20.

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Last year, the pandemic hit small businesses especially hard. Since then, it’s been our priority to support them whenever we can. That said, we appreciate when big retailers come up with well-deserved initiatives to promote independent sellers, which is why we're happy that Amazon is bringing back its small-business rewards promotions ahead of this month’s Prime Day.

Here’s how it works: If you’re an Amazon Prime member and are counting down the days for the two-day Prime Day event (which kicks off on June 21), Amazon is offering $10 when you spend $10 on items from select, domestic small businesses on its website from June 7 through June 20.

To help you get started, we rounded up some of our favorite finds from small businesses on Amazon that qualify for the promotion. From kitchen appliances to pantry staples, start saving for Prime Day (and support small businesses) by shopping the below.

Bamboo Cutting Board With Trays and Lids
We love a good multi-functional kitchen item! This cutting board boasts an ingenious design with a large opening to slide your veggies into the four designated plastic trays. It helps keep your kitchen tidy and ingredients organized.
VacOne Coffee Air Brewer
This coffee maker uses a special technology employing a high-pressure vacuum to brew smoother hot coffee and cold brew in just four minutes. It also recharges via USB and is small enough to make for a perfect traveling companion.
BINHAI Silicone Spatula Set
If you’re looking for a great spatula set to level-up your kitchen creations, consider this elegant set. They’re heat resistant and small enough to fit in even the most modest of kitchen drawers.
Red Bay Motherland 3-Pack of Whole Coffee BeansGift Collection
If you love sampling new coffee brands, this is your opportunity to expand your selection. Red Bay coffee is Black-owned and they offer artisanal small batch coffee at an affordable price. This bundle includes three four-ounce packs of their best-sellers, freshly roasted in small batches in their Oakland, California HQ.
Iya Foods Premium Cassava Flour
Cassava flour has surged in popularity lately in large part because it’s the closest alternative to wheat flour that does not contain nuts, grains, or gluten. If you’re looking to give it a try during upcoming baking endeavors, this five pound bag will be your new kitchen staple.
Ullo Wine Purifier and Angstrom Wine Glasses
A great gift for the wine lovers in your life (friendly reminder that Father’s Day is just around the corner), this set includes two hand blown crystal Angstrom wine glasses, a wine purifier, and sulfite capture filters, all of which are designed to amplify the complex flavors and aromas of whatever vino is being sipped.
FinaMill Battery Operated Spice Grinder
This elegant spice grinder uses patented interchangeable pods for each featured spice, helping prevent cross-contamination of flavor. It also features different grind options that allow you to easily adjust as you go and is battery operated so you can conveniently use it anywhere.
4th & Heart Original Grass-Fed Ghee
4th & Heart sells products made with ghee which is a class of clarified butter that originated in India (and is commonly used to replace butter in dairy-free recipes). It has a grassy, nutty flavor, similar to caramelized goat milk, which helps enhance the layers of flavors you already love in your go-to recipes.
Stone Lain Dinnerware Set
Looking to replace your dinnerware with something more elegant? This 16-piece set, made of ceramic stoneware, is a perfect addition to give your kitchen and table set up an aesthetic boost. Even better? They’re dishwasher and microwave safe.