You Need This Baby Yoda Stand For Your Echo Dot

I would buy an Amazon Echo Dot just so I could place it in Baby Yoda's loving embrace.

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Anyone who watched The Mandalorian knows the show should have been called The Misadventures of Baby Yoda. Din Djarin was cool, sure, but c'mon. It's always been about Baby Yoda. Show your love for our little old/young mysterious traveler when you pre-order Otterbox's The Child Stand for $24.95 right now.

The Child is Baby Yoda's name in the show. And speaking of the show, here's everything we know about season two.

The stand will ship on August 20th and has a precision-fit, non-slip base that's been engineered for optimal audio output. This is obviously a must-have for Star Wars collectors. The only caveat is that it will only fit the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), which you can pick up right here.


And did you know that Alexa is a huge fan of a galaxy far, far away? There are 26 voice commands that are all Star Wars related. Like, "Alexa, who shot first?" and "Alexa, what is the Jedi code?" Anyways, I've already put my order in.

Important reminder: pick up a 3rd Gen Echo Dot if you don't already have one! Now please excuse me as I go back and binge The Mandalorian (streaming now on Disney+).

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