These Mountain Bikes from Yeti, Pivot, and Evil Are up to 35% Off

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As someone who grew up riding BMX, dirt bikes, and later motorcycles, I thought my first time riding a mountain bike would be a proverbial ride in the park. I was oh so wrong. That said, riding through the trails of Redding, CA was one of the most adrenaline-fueled, exhausting workouts I'd ever done. If you're looking for a rigorous exercise that's also, simply put, fun as hell, you've found it in mountain biking.

And to help get you started and equipped, Backcountry is throwing a big ol' sale on bikes and frames right now (up to 35% off). I'll level with you: it's not a cheap hobby, but when it comes to buying something you'll be riding down trails surrounded by trees and rocks, you don't want to skip out on quality. The brands you'll find in this sale are from Yeti (unrelated to the coolers), Pivot, Evil, and Santa Cruz to name a few. They're all very reputable, with most backed by lifetime warranties. 

Here are some of the best deals

  • Save 35% on the Yeti SB6 Turq XT M8100, available in all sizes [Buy it here]
  • Save 35% on Pivot's Switchblade Carbon 29 Race X01 Eagle, only available in XS [Buy it here]
  • Save 41% on Evil's The Following MB X01 Eagle, available in S, M, and L [Buy it here]
  • Save 43% on the Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon CC X01 RCT Air, available in XS [Buy it here]

Hit the full sale at Backcountry right here.

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