This Smart, Slick-Looking Blender Creates the Smoothest Smoothies

We couldn’t resist trying this stunning blender developed by NutriBullet’s co-founder. But, is it worth it? We tested it for a month to find out.

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I’ve been looking to replace my very old Ninja blender for a long time and my first choice has always been a NutriBullet. That was, until I found out about the Beast Health blender. As a fan of smoothies and other frozen treats, I was on the hunt for a machine that was powerful enough to break down hard ingredients, easy to use, easy to clean, and, ideally, something that would look good sitting on my countertop. That’s what drew me to the Beast.

I received the Beast B10 Blender and Hydration System about two months ago and have been using it regularly since then, and (spoiler alert!) I’m obsessed. Keep scrolling to find out more about my experience using this powerful personal blender and why I love it so much.

The Snapshot

What it is: Beast B10 is a personal blender that combines high-performance technology with elegant design.

What it costs: $185

What is included: The Beast Blender + Hydration System bundle comes with a blender base and blade setup, 1000mL and 500mL blending vessels with one drinking lid, two blending vessel storage lids, and a 750mL glass vessel with infusion chamber and drinking lid. 

Why it’s great: It blends ingredients to a perfectly smooth consistency in seconds. The sleek design looks great on the countertop and it comes in three different colors: black, light gray, and white.

What would make it even better: Even though it comes with a carry cap that can be used for any of the vessels, they are pretty heavy for travel. We wish they were a little more lightweight for easy transportation.

About the Brand

The B10 Heath Blender was created by NutriBullet founder, Colin Sapire, under a new company called Beast Health.The flagship product was created in hopes of delivering top performance and elegant design in a personal blender. The company was founded on the premise of hoping to enable and empower people to strengthen their immunity and “to attain their nutrition and wellness goals.”

Quality Check

You get a sense that the Beast Blender is made well by the look, feel, and sturdiness of each of its parts. The base of the vessel is wide for stability, and overmolded with TPE (thermoplastic rubbers) for better grip and a softer placement on your counter. The vessels are made of ultra-durable Tritan with a 12-rib design to make the blending process more turbulent—which in turns helps create creamier blends. All lids are leak proof and the rims are comfortable enough to drink directly from them.


How to Use It

Using the blender is incredibly simple. To create the perfect blend, at least a third of your ingredients should be liquid (to ensure smooth blending), then add the remaining recipe ingredients, and blend. There’s only one button, which can be used to pulse when pressed for less than a second or to initiate a one minute timed blend cycle when pressed for more than one second. The machine is armed with a mighty 1,000-watt motor that monitors its blade speed, and makes constant adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque. It also monitors internal temperature to avoid overheating, especially if you’re blending hot liquids. If it registers that the contents are too hot, the light on top of the button will turn red to indicate that it’s too hot to safely blend.


I’ve been using the blender for a month to make smoothies. My go-to ingredients are water, Ritual's Essential Protein powder, peanut butter, and frozen fruits, and I always use the one minute time blend cycle to create the perfect silky smoothie texture. After 20 seconds, it turns down the power so the ingredients can settle down and incorporate better. When it finishes blending, I unscrew the blade assembly from the blender base, flip it, take the blades off, and replace it with the drinking lid.

When it comes to the hydration bottle, all you have to do is cut or blend the ingredients you want to infuse your water with, add them to the infusion chamber, and let it sit a few minutes. I like to pop it in the fridge for a more refreshing experience.


The Results

I honestly couldn’t believe how perfectly smooth this machine made my smoothies every single time, leaving no annoying chunks behind. It really does a great job incorporating every single ingredient in one blend, including ice, leafy greens, and nuts. Also, it’s not as noisy as other blenders I’ve used before and it’s been the easiest to clean so far. I always try to rinse it immediately so food doesn’t dry and get stuck in the vessel ribs.

Our Verdict

The Best B10 blender is completely worth it! Whether you’re using it to whip up smoothies, salsas, sauces, or dips, it effectively and efficiently breaks down and incorporates every single ingredient in just a few seconds.

Although the infuser bottle is a nice bonus, it’s not really something unique and I would recommend getting a more lightweight one to use on-the-go or a proper infuser pitcher to always have in your fridge.

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