6 Powerful and Discreet Air Purifiers to Combat Allergy Season

Clear the air with these air purifiers from top-notch brands like Dyson, Levoit, Molekule, Coway, and more.

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Spring is in the air, which means allergy season is (unfortunately) here. Besides pollen, there are many other allergens and pollutants constantly circulating our air, which can hugely affect our health and the way we breathe. In order to avoid having these lingering inside your home, an air purifier can drastically improve your indoor air quality so you can finally enjoy the beginning of the warm seasons without coughing or sneezing.

Shopping for the right air purifier is not an easy task, though. To help you get started, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best-selling, top-rated options out there that are powerful, easy to use, and beautifully designed to fit any home aesthetic.

Winix HR900

If you own pets, consider the Winix HR900 air purifier, which boasts a five-stage filtration system that captures all the bad stuff that lingers inside your home. It consists of HEPA and activated carbon filters, ultimate pet and washable fine mesh pre-filters, and a PlasmaWave air cleaning technology. All these layers capture 99.97% of airborne pollutants including pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander and hair, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The carbon filter in particular helps reduce pet odors as well as smoke, kitchen odors, and other household smells.

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Purifying Fan

Dyson is known for its top-notch products with the latest technology, and this purifying fan is not an exception. It comes with a catalytic filter that continuously destroys formaldehyde and a layer of activated carbon that removes odors and gasses including VOCs. As its name suggests, it also doubles as a fan and it’s 20% quieter than other models. Plus, when you pair it with the app, you can track specific information about the air quality in your home.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

With a whopping 56,000 mostly positive reviews, this budget friendly option from Levoit is a great base-level air purifier to reduce allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants. Its H13 True HEPA Filter works alongside the Pre-Filter and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter while the QuietKEAP technology reduces noise levels so you can use it while you sleep. Levoit also offers customized replacement filters to address the specific needs of your home.

Air Pro by Molekule

Molekule was founded by Stanford-educated engineers in 2014 with a mission to harness the power of science to improve indoor air pollution. The Air Pro boasts a PECO purification technology that includes nanocatalyst-coated filter layers that was recently FDA-cleared to destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold in extra large rooms up to 1,000 square feet. It also comes with two Auto Protect modes that react to particles and VOCs, and you can manually adjust the fan speeds that range from whisper quiet to boost. Its latest updates comes with the new Day View from the Molekule app, which offers a bird’s-eye view of your indoor air quality, from the morning until night.

Coway Airmega Purifier with Air Quality Monitoring

The Coway Airmega Purifier has a compact form and quiet operation that makes it perfect for bedrooms and rooms up to 361 square feet. It boasts a four stage filtration system (pre-filter, deodorization filter, true HEPA filter, and Vital Ionizer) and has CADR ratings of 246 for dust, 240 for pollen and 233 for smoke. On top of the machine you can find a control panel with buttons that allow you to choose fan speeds, turn on the Vital Ion, reset the filter, and set a timer, and a LED light that communicates indoor air quality in real time.  When it comes to filter replacements, they’re fairly inexpensive and can last up to six months depending on how often it’s used.

TruSens Air Purifiers with Air Quality Monitor

This purifier from TruSens offers full-room air change up to 1,425 square feet per house or 713 square feet every 30 minutes, thanks to its PureDirect technology. It boasts an ultraviolet light (UV-C) that kills germs and bacteria that are already trapped by its HEPA filter, and it comes with a separate SensorPod that accurately reads the air quality and communicates them back to the air purifier.

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