9 Airbnbs Aries Should Book Next, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Astrologer Stephanie Whaley recommends 9 unique retreats around the country that Aries signs are most likely to love.

Airbnbs for aries
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There are lots of ways to pick your next vacation rental. But everyone knows if you need to make a decision that big, you really should take your zodiac sign into consideration.

That’s why we spoke to our go-to astrologer Stephanie Whaley—founder of the astrologically-informed dating app Oromoon, which uses your birth chart to find your cosmic connection—to find out what kinds of Airbnbs people born under the first sign of the zodiac, Aries (March 21–April 19), should rent for their next getaway.

“These bold, fierce leaders crave energetic experiences mixed with a dose of competition,” Whaley says. Aries are incredibly passionate, impulsive, and adventurous, and they will try anything once. And though they’re independent, Whaley says that doesn’t translate into wanting to be alone. Much like how fire (their element) grows bigger and bigger, so will their friendships. “It’s a beautiful sight to behold.”

“Aries want to be where the action is,” Whaley adds. But that doesn’t mean they need to be right in the thick of it all—they want space where they can roam and discover new things with friends. “If they’re isolated, they’ll find something to do. Isolation just means it hasn’t been discovered yet.”

So how does that all translate to vacation rentals? Basically, Aries signs love being the first to discover the next cool spot, and they’re always looking to get the gang together for a trip. Keeping that in mind, here are nine awesome Airbnbs that any energetic and fearless Ram will enjoy as a temporary home away from home.

New Orleans airbnb

2 guests/$118 per night


Aries love to look at themselves, Whaley says. “They get really excited about seeing themselves. It’s almost like their affirmation—a declaration of their confidence.” Well, they’ll get more affirmation than they ever dreamed of in this room, covered in mirrors from floor to ceiling at a NOLA mansion turned bed and breakfast. The mirrored room is one of the coziest in the historic 1824 home and is “best suited for couples.” (The bathroom has “minimal privacy.”) Once they’ve gotten enough of their reflection, they can take advantage of the wine happy hour or relax in the communal pool, hot tub, or hammock.


What guests say: “The bed and breakfast itself is absolutely amazing! Such a lovely little private oasis in close proximity to any destinations in New Orleans. The backyard area is so lovely, with many areas to sit and relax.”

Alaska igloo airbnb

2 guests/$389 per night


“Alaska would be great for an Aries,” Whaley says. “They would love getting pulled by the sled dogs.” The cold climate is also ideal because fire signs need a “cooling element or wind.” They’ll find plenty of that at Borealis Basecamp, a resort with clear-roofed igloos perfect for taking in views of the Aurora Borealis. The resort also offers tons of activities, like dog sledding, a reindeer hiking experience, snowmobiling, and more.


What guests say: “Staying here was definitely our highlight of the trip! The dome is beautiful, with a stunning view. It is bigger than I expected, with everything you need. Such a unique experience!” 

Cabin airbnb with climbing wall

12 guests/$653 per night 


This newly constructed cabin has stunning views of the Smoky Mountains from all three floors and is an “entertainment paradise.” Aries love playing little competitive games with their friends, Whaley says, and there are plenty to play at this home—including air hockey, pool, an arcade with old-school games, and a 10-foot climbing wall perfect for mini races. At night, cook burgers on the grill, roast marshmallows around the fire pit, and soak in the hot tub.


What guests say: “Do not miss an opportunity to stay at Bella Vista! We stayed here with 3 other couples, and all of us are pretty picky. Everyone loved this place. We are already planning a trip back next year. The views are spectacular, the amenities are abundant, and the home is spotless.”

Sequoia National Park glass house airbnb

10 guests/$400 per night


Aries are down to try everything at least once, Whaley says. And there’s a good chance that most have yet to try spending the night in a house with four glass walls, so this mid-century modern cabin is definitely worth booking. Plus, it’s minutes from Sequoia National Park, known for its hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, winter sports, and magical giant sequoias (of course). After a long day of exploring, come home and sit around the fire pit overlooking the river, or nap in a riverside hammock.


What guests say: “This property is even more beautiful than the pictures and the listing describe. If you are looking for nature but with a luxurious, comfortable backdrop, this is the place. I knew the second I pulled into the driveway this place would be magical—and it was.”

Montana lake house airbnb

13 guests/$493 per night


Aries are incredibly independent, but they also believe the more, the merrier, Whaley says. There’s room for a big group in this four-bedroom cabin on Georgetown Lake in Montana, and there’s also plenty of space to explore, which will appeal to the sign’s adventurous side. The cabin is close to fly fishing, waterskiing, golf, and winter sports. But there’s also plenty to do on the property, which has its own boat dock, hot tub, and fire pit—perfect for late-night beers, s’mores, and ghost stories.


What guests say: “If you ever find yourself near Anaconda, you need to stay at this cabin. There is a fantastic mixture of modern amenities and natural beauty. The house is on the water, and while we stayed in the winter, the snow and the frozen lake were breathtaking to wake up to every day.”

Lake Tahoe villa airbnb

6 guests/$736 per night


Aries love adventure, and they’ll find it year-round in Tahoe. The skiers and snowboarders will be stoked that this villa is just steps away from the chairlift, and the waterskiers, boaters, stand-up paddleboarders, and kayakers will be stoked that the lake is right there in the backyard and has access to a shared pier. There are also tons of hiking and mountain biking trails just minutes away, so the group will never be lacking for things to do. 


What guests say: “This place is unbelievable. You can’t get a better location on Lake Tahoe with a private beach steps from the back door. Pier access. Across the street from Homewood Ski Resort. Just incredible.”

Hudson River barn airbnb

2 guests/$552 per night


This secluded suite is in a barn that houses Icelandic horses and mini donkeys, which Aries will love because it’s unusual and not something all of their friends have experienced. They’ll also appreciate that the mountainside property backs up to 4,000 acres of protected forest with hiking trails right outside the door, and that it’s isolated but still a close drive to plenty of restaurants and shops. Other amenities include a hot tub with views, gourmet kitchen, romantic bedroom with three-sided gas fireplace, and two bikes with helmet and locks.


What guests say: “A truly beautiful suite! The views were absolutely stunning! We loved the grounds, which were all well maintained. The horses and donkeys were so friendly—spending time with them on this unique property was so fun.”

Utah treehouse airbnb

6 guests/$175 per night


This unique treehouse checks off a lot of boxes for an Aries in terms of vacation rentals. It’s unusual and feels like stepping into another world; they can go with friends (assuming everyone is down to get pretty cozy); and it’s close to Mount Canyon, which has world-class rock climbing and hiking (and cool slot canyons), as well as Little Sahara Recreation Area, which has sand dunes where you can ATV and sandboard. Even just getting to the treehouse is an experience, as it requires crossing a 70-foot suspension bridge. And at the base, there is a hot tub, fire pit, and area for cooking out.


What guests say: “This place was absolutely amazing! We stayed there in the winter, and the hot tub was perfect! We had s’mores and an amazing time away from electronics as a family! Sitting in the hot tub and looking at the treehouse and lit-up bridge was mesmerizing!!”

Lake Superior modern cabin airbnb

8 guests/$575 per night


This four-bedroom home has everything anyone could want for a laid-back getaway: sweeping views of Lake Superior, cozy bedrooms, a wood-burning fireplace, outdoor living with a fire pit and grill, a record player with lots of vinyl, and board games for a little post-dinner competition. But for those who want to venture out, there’s also tons to do, including a nearby winery, hikes to waterfalls, dog sledding, skiing, boating and paddleboarding, and even an alpine slide with two tracks so that the Aries in the group can turn it into a friendly competition. 


What guests say: “Best location ever. Loved the wood-burning fireplace. Loved the deck with chairs and loved having our windows open to hear the waves crashing against the rocks. Highly recommend during any season!” 

Daisy Barringer is a Thrillist contributor.
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