Searching for Next-Level Stargazing Spots? Book These Airbnbs.

Escape the blight of light pollution and soak up the stars from the comfort of these incredible Airbnbs with epic views of the night sky.

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There are a multitude of reasons to flee city life for the countryside every so often. It can do wonders to reset your brain from the daily hustle and bustle of work life, and remind you what true peace and quiet feels like. And if you happen to be smitten with the stars, getting away from obnoxious light pollution can help you actually see the glory of the night sky in all of its remarkable detail. 

Some spots are better for stargazers than others, though. So, if you're dead set on finding a spot to decamp to for a few days where the night sky is on full display, we've tracked down eight easily bookable Airbnbs around the country that will ensure you'll get an exceptional view of the celestial world after dark from down here on little ol' Earth. Just make sure you're being extra careful in light of current circumstances.


Summit Prairie Lookout

Tiller, Oregon
4 guests, $182 per night

This lookout tower in the middle of an open meadow in rural Oregon was built in 2009 and modeled after a old-school fire towers erected in the early 1900s by the US Forest Service. However, it's stocked with plenty of cozy amenities (a full kitchen, hot and cold running water, outdoor shower, wood-fired hot tub) that'll make your off-the-grid stay very comfortable. And beyond the epic daytime view from up top of the surrounds (and the wildlife below), at night you have a front row seat either indoors through the windows or on the wraparound deck for some serious stargazing. 
What guests say: "The VIEWS here alone are worth the trip. Sunsets, sunrise, the vast forest greeting you in the morning - it's tranquility personified. And don't even get me started about the stars at night (we were lucky enough to see the NEOWSIE comet)."


The Dome Home Near the Grand Canyon

Williams, Arizona
2 guests, $199 per night

Set on an acre of secluded property a short distance from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, this domed tent-style dwelling has a transparent ceiling that allows you to lay in bed watching shooting stars (and not to mention, an amazing view of the Milky Way).  
What guests say: "Wow! What an amazing and unique experience. The night sky view from bed was something you can’t even dream of. We saw 8 shooting stars before we drifted off to sleep. The Milky Way seemed close enough to touch. Can’t wait to go back!"


An Off-the-Grid Stargazing Cabin With a Roofless Bedroom

Twentynine Palms, California
6 guests, $506 per night

If it looks as though a legit architect designed this place, it's because they did. This stylish, minimalist steel tiny home blends modern amenities with the outdoors in the middle of the desert, and features an open-air bedroom that provides a truly exceptional view of the sky and stars as you drift off to dreamland.
What guests say: "The stargazing loft was once in a lifetime. We pick a great time of year to go! No moon so the stars were extra bright. We could see the Milky Way!"


The North Carolina Mountain Dome

Weaverville, North Carolina
4 guests, $49 per night

Just outside Asheville, this unique, exotic dome home enjoys an incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains during daylight, but at night you can simply step outside for an unparalleled stargazing experience. It's definitely more on the rustic side (there's an outhouse and an outdoor shower), but if you're looking to get off the grid and treat yourself to crystal clear night sky views, it's well worth a visit.
What guests say: "Excellent spot to get away from everything! Great views of the mountains and stars and amazing place to disconnect."


Moon Camp at Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California
6 guests, $272 per night

If you're in the mood to retreat to the sort of place that feels like it's on another planet (and honestly, who isn't these days?), 
Moon Camp has you set up. It's solar powered and totally off the grid in Joshua Tree and consists of three main structures: a main dome house, a shipping container "guest house" and another shipping container that serves as a lounge. There is also a new courtyard (with hammocks and lounge chairs), which is the perfect place to hang once the sun goes down to take in the gorgeous vistas in the wide open night sky.
What guests say: "Moon Camp is super cool! It’s like being in a top notch lunar home in the not so distant future. The fire pit was fantastic, we loved hanging out in the hammocks stargazing. Everything was very stylish and sparkling clean and it’s only a few minutes drive to Joshua Tree village."


The New Mexico Domes

High Rolls, New Mexico
15 guests, $150 per night

If you're traveling with a big crew, this spot in rural New Mexico should be on your radar. You'll have access to two large geodesic domes that together offer about 5,000 square feet of indoor living space (including 27-foot ceilings, lofts, and multiple skylights). There's also a large full kitchen, large living room, and huge dining area, but you'll likely want to be spending most of your time outdoors on the deck since the views of the surrounds are stunning, and get even better once the sun goes down.
What guests say: "The place was STUNNING and one of the best AirB&B experiences we have ever had. The place is unique and the journey to get there worth it."


The Sedona Stargazing Pod

Sedona, Arizona
4 guests, $112 per night

Like the aforementioned dome home in Arizona near the Grand Canyon, this spot in Sedona is a cozy, pod-like ventilated sphere with a clear dome facing up that allows you to look at the night sky from bed.
What guests say: "Best star gazing experience ever! It was like a magical dream that came true! Very cozy, warm and comfortable capsule."


The Palm Springs Dome Home

Palm Springs, California
6 guests, $185 per night
Set on a five acre hill surrounded by windmills, this gorgeous geodesic dome home offers incredible 360-degree views of the desert, mountains, Joshua Tree Park, and Coachella Valley courtesy of full walls of windows on nearly every side (plus skylights!). It's great for small groups, too, thanks to its large living room and indoor/outdoor dining and kitchen areas. The views are what really sell this place, though, particularly at sunrise, sunset, and once the sun goes down and the stars start to show off. 
What guests say: "This place in incredible. It’s in a beautiful landscape facing mountains, wind powered mills and powerful sunsets and beautiful stars. Go, and push the reset button on your heart, mind and soul. Telescope recommended if you have one."

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