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Go-To Gifts for Studio Ghibli Megafans

What to buy your anime-obessed friends and family this year, according to two diehard Studio Ghibli fans.

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Practically anyone who's ever seen a Studio Ghibli movie falls in love with them. From its masterpieces like Spirited Away and underrated films like Howl's Moving Castle, the Japanese animation studio founded by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki has enraptured us with its adorable cats, anthropomorphic flames, imaginary friends, helpful spirits, and so much more in its lengthy catalogue of touching, whimsical stories. Buy your anime-loving friends and family a little piece of Ghibli magic this holiday season.

Grace Han

For the lover of whimsical decor

Jiji night lamp

Price: $18
Why it's a great gift: Who doesn't want a little feline companion to light up their nights? With a little lantern attached to his tail, this night light fashioned after Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service provides the perfect witchy touch to any bedroom. 

Grace Han

For the pin collector

Calcifer enamel pin

Price: $10
Why it's a great gift: Add a little spark to your or your loved ones' pin collection with Calcifer, the wizard Howl's most loyal bacon-roasting ball of flame.

Grace Han

For the person who still watches DVDs

Spirited Away Steelbook

Price: $27
Why it's a great gift: It's a fact: cinephiles love limited edition physical media, and with digital streaming taking over more and more by the day, special prints of movies are becoming even rarer. If someone in your life just can't shut up about how cute Haku is, or how much they love the little soot sprites, gift them a special edition Steelbook of one of Studio Ghibli's best.

Grace Han

For the puzzle freak

Howl's Moving Castle 1,000 piece puzzle

Price: $43
Why it's a great gift: You may not be able to actually take a trip in Howl's castle, but you can spend plenty of lazy nights piecing it together. 

Grace Han

For the person who never brings their own bag to the grocery store

Soot sprites tote bag

Price: $21
Why it's a great gift: You can never have too many totes, and what better to bring to the store than a bag full of Studio Ghibli's most famous little creatures? 

Grace Han

For the home cook

Onigiri bento box

Price: $16
Why it's a great gift:
If you're absolutely obsessed with fashioning little onigiri meals for yourself and want to make them extra special, try out a Ghibli-themed bento box—there's even a two-tiered version! 

Grace Han

For the traveler

Totoro neck pillow

Price: $27
Why it's a great gift: If you're bummed you'll never be able to smother yourself in the soft belly fur of the actual Totoro, this neck pillow will at least give you a similarly cozy feeling. Even if you can't get on a plane right now, this one is sure to come in handy on long flights someday.

Grace Han

For the person whose pocket change is out of control

No Face musical piggy bank

Price: $40
Why it's a great gift: The No Face is hungry, and he'll eat absolutely anything—even all your loose change! You'll even get to hear a little song as No Face gobbles up your coin offerings.

Grace Han

For the person who thinks anime food just looks better

Studio Ghibli food prints

Price: $5
Why it's a great gift: We can't deny the allure of Hayao Miyazaki's animated food, so surprise your favorite foodie with a set of food prints from their favorite Studio Ghibli films. But trust us… don't buy these on an empty stomach.

Grace Han

For the movie poster buff

Spirited Away vintage print

Price: $10
Why it's a great gift:
Hang this print of the original movie's beautiful poster on your wall and it'll be just like being there! Just don't eat any of the food.

Grace Han

For the novelty knick-knack lover

Totoro matryoshka dolls

Price: $60
Why it's a great gift: This set of stacking Totoros contains multitudes. ...Of Totoro. 

Grace Han

For the person who always suggests a game of cards

Ponyo playing cards

Price: $16
Why it's a great gift: There's always That One Person in a friend group who loves card games just a little bit too much. Replace their crumbling set that's seen one too many games of Kings with these Ponyo-adorned cards.

Grace Han

For the tea fanatic

Dancing Totoro teacup

Price: $25
Why it's a great gift: If you know someone loves telling you facts about the health benefits of drinking green tea, gift them this Japanese-style yunomi ceramic teacup with adorable visions of Totoro dancing with his little umbrella. 

Grace Han

For the person who's always cold

Jiji throw blanket

Price: $25
Why it's a great gift: For the girlfriend who will be under the blanket for the next five months, there's nothing better than a fresh new fuzzy blanket to keep them warm during the harsh winter months. This teal Jiji and flowers printed throw is cuter than a raggedy-ass Snuggie and also a Hot Topic exclusive, which is a great discussion topic that, in 2020, you bought something from Hot Topic.

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