How to Throw a Pool Party (Even if You Don't Have a Pool)

No pool? No problem.

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The scorching summer temperatures are making us wish we could just float in a pool all day. There is one small hiccup in that plan, though: We don’t actually have access to a pool (bummer!). If you’re also tragically pool-less this summer, we’re happy to report that there are some solid alternatives to turn to that will still give you a splashy, refreshing time with your friends. 

Whether you’re down to revive a good old-fashioned water gun fight, recreate a water park in your backyard, or just chill in a kiddy pool with a cocktail in hand, we scoured the internet for some good ol' H2O-friendly activities that will help you keep cool and forget you ever wished you were poolside.

Shoot Your Shot With Water Guns

Gather your friends to revive the good ol’ days with a water gun fight. But first, you’ll want  to make sure you’re properly outfitted with the best in the game. The Fun-Here Water Guns are a good way to get the party started with a few rounds of tag. If you really want to get your friends soaked, the Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka holds up to 55 ounces and boasts a massive water blast that reaches up to 15 feet. To avoid going back and forth to your water supply, consider the SNAEN Water Blaster, which features a backpack with a 70-ounces capacity, which will allow you to douse at least a few pals without having to refill. 

Kiddy Pools Aren’t Just for Kids

If your outdoor space is a bit too cramped to accommodate a proper inflatable pool, consider the humble kiddy pool. This small but mighty option is perfect for just sitting down and chilling with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Brands like Mylle and Funboy make models  specifically designed for adults. Their elegant but fun designs will match with any aesthetic. Who knows, they might even make a great permanent addition to your outdoor space.

Build Your Own Water Park

Revive your childhood memories with a slip and slide, incorporate water sprinkler stations, and add a splash pad for a wet and wild atmosphere. We even found a more eco-friendly alternative  to rubber water balloons (sponges you can soak in water and throw it at your friends without hurting them).

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