How to Get NYC's—and Montreal's—Most Famous Bagels Delivered to You

You've likely heard that NYC has the best bagels in the world. Because of the water. And it's so damn true. But Montreal could be considered a close second. Anyways, Here's how to get very best bagels in the world delivered to you.

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The best bagels in the world are hands down from NYC. Montreal has delicious bagels (shoutout to St-Viateur), but they simply cannot compete with places like H&H, Russ & Daughters, Ess-a-Bagel, Kossar's, Utopia, and so many others. 

The difference between a delicious, fresh bagel and a small, round, carb-loaded loaf is more nuanced than one might think. For instance, have you ever had a bagel fresh of out of the oven? There's absolutely no need to toast it (and you should not dare to ask). What about a day-old versus a day-of? And then there are the toppings. Do you go for the schmear of cream cheese or are you more of a tomato and lox person? Maybe you're all of the above. The point I'm meandering to is that bagels are a beautiful breakfast—or brunch—building block. And, with Goldbelly, you can order some of the best in the world.

H&H Bagels, Cream Cheese & Nova Scotia Salmon - Half Dozen
For a mere $69, you'll get six bagels, a ½ pound of Nova Scotia smoked salmon, and a ½ pound of cream cheese from one of the world's greatest bagel purveyors: H&H. Their bagels are proofed, kettle boiled, thrown into cold water, and then baked on burlap-covered wooden boards inside of a revolving oven. Yum.
St-Viateur Bagel's Choose Your Own 2 Dozen
Our neighbors to the north—Canada—make a ton of delicious food (poutine, anyone?), and bagels happen to be one of their specialties. A cursory Google of St-Viateur will bring up pretty much all the info you can ask for. But here's a tl;dr: They opened in 1957, it's been family-run ever since, and A through C-listers love Adam Sandler, Jimmy Kimmel, and Celine Dion. With this order, you'll get two dozen bagels and can choose from sesame seed, poppy seed, everything, plain, whole wheat, cinnamon & raisin, and rosemary & sea salt.
Russ & Daughters New York Brunch
Russ & Daughters is an NYC staple and a breakfast/brunch must-do for anyone visiting the city. Here's your chance to find out why. With this meal, you'll be getting one pound of Gaspe Nova smoked salmon, six bagels, a pound of cream cheese, one chocolate babka, one pound of Private Blend coffee, one tote bag, AND a Russ & Daughters mug (to pour that private blend into).
Utopia Bagels - Bakers Dozen
Utopia was started in NYC back in 1980. It's widely considered to be a classic NYC bagel. The bagels are hand-rolled, kettle-baked, and baked in a vintage oven built in 1947. For $49, they'll give you a baker's dozen of fresh, doughy bagels ranging from blueberry, cinnamon raisin, everything, sesame, egg, onion, garlic, poppy seed, to pumpernickel & more.
Zucker's Holiday Bagel Brunch for 6
Grab the Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish Holiday Brunch for Six and get hooked up with six bagels, three cream cheeses of your choice(1/4lb each), ½ a pound of Nova lox, a shaker of seasoning, six holiday cookies, and a bagel cutting knife. The bagel offerings are all the standards, and as for cream cheese, choose from plain, scallion, vegetable, nova, raisin walnut, and/or blueberry.
Ess-a-Bagel Baker's Dozen (Kosher)
Ess-a-Bagel is in the top three best of any list when it comes to NYC bagels. There isn't much more I can say about them save for the fact that they've been open for over 35 years and if you mention their name to anyone in New York, they'll say "oh yeah, they've got good bagels." Grab a baker's dozen for a friend or yourself.
Kossar’s Bagels - One Dozen
You made it this far, which must mean you're still on the fence. Perhaps Kossar's Bagels & Bialys is what you're looking for. Grab a dozen from options like plain, everything, sesame, salt, whole wheat, whole wheat everything, cinnamon raisin, onion, garlic, and poppy seed.
H&H - One Dozen Bagels with Cream Cheese
You might remember H&H from the top of this list. Well, not only do they offer a full-on bagel brunch, but they also will ship off a dozen bagels with cream cheese. With this deal, you'll choose six bagels of one type, six bagels of another type, and one pound of cream cheese (flavored or plain).
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