These Are the Best Beach Towels to Buy Right Now

Whether you’re looking for something that dries fast, repels sand, or simply a super-soft spot to spread out, these towels are the ones you should be bringing to the beach and beyond.

Serena & Lily
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How complicated could it be to find the perfect towel for the beach? You might think it’s easy, but the truth is that heading to the towels section and picking the prettiest one you see is not enough. You need to track down something that suits all of your beach-going needs. For us, that means it needs to be soft, big enough to sprawl out on, quick-drying, and easy to keep sand-free.

If you’re on a mission to upgrade your beach towel stash, we’ve got you covered! From the fluffiest designs to the most practical and travel-friendly offerings, we scoured the web for top-notch towels (and blankets) that will bring some added comfort and convenience to your day at the beach.

Scenic Beach Towel

Brooklinen not only makes amazing bed sheets, but its range of premium products also includes some incredible beach towels. This one has a beautiful design by artist Isabelle Feliu and is made of super soft, very absorbent velour and terry fabric to promise fast drying after your dip.

ECCOSOPHY Microfiber Beach Towel

Packing a beach towel can get bulky and heavy, but not with this one. Its microfiber fabric makes it much more absorbent and lightweight than the ones made of cotton, which means it’s perfect for packing.

MAYDE Rainbow Elements Beach Towel

If you still prefer a good fluffy towel, consider this one from Mayde. Combined with its beautiful design, this towel is handcrafted with the best cotton from South Turkey, which gives it a super-soft feel for getting cozy at the beach.

Oversized Round Beach Towel

A round towel might not be your first choice but we love that it gives us a little bit more space to stretch our bodies while laying out. Beyond that, this one is also made of microfiber which makes it super absorbent.

Oversized Beach Towel

A blanket/towel hybrid, this massive limited edition model from Parachute features a high quality design with its signature calming shades. At 70 inches long, it’s perfect to use as a blanket for the park as well as a towel for the beach, lake, pool, etc.

Mallorca Beach Towel
Serena and Lily

Grabbing a fluffy towel after popping out of the cold water is the best feeling and that’s why we love this one from Serena & Lily. Made with 100% Turkish Aegean cotton, its fabric will offer you the comfort you need for a long day at the beach.

Extra Large Outdoor Blanket

In addition to towels, blankets are a must for keeping sand from piling up all over. This one from Amazon has a waterproof PEVA coating to keep out moisture for easy clean-up. It also easily folds into a bag with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Navy Acid Wash XL
Sand Cloud

This towel has earned 5 stars from nearly 2,000 customer reviews, many of which rave about how great it is for its price. Customers love both that it’s huge and that it dries fast. Don’t know about you, but that’s enough for us to be convinced this is a great option.

Nemo XL Victory Blanket

Laying on a wet towel is not ideal, and that’s when this blanket comes in handy. It has a soft flannel top and a waterproof bottom that also keeps the sand away. And, like great beach blankets do, it folds into a bag that has a secret pocket to store your personal items.

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