8 Bestselling Bread Machines That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into a Mini Bakery

Piping hot and flaky bread at the press of a button? Coming right up.

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Gone are the days of mediocre grocery store loaves or kneading dough until you’re exhausted. With a bread maker, you can bake homemade bread with ease. Just choose your flours and whatever add-ins you please and the machine does all the work of mixing, kneading, proofing, and baking. You can even set a delay timer and wake up to delicious aromas wafting from a freshly baked loaf in your kitchen.

We’ve rounded up the most popular and well-reviewed bread makers on the internet so no matter your budget or baking desires, you can rest assured that you’ll feel like a real baker in no time. Stocked with settings for various bread types and baking preferences, as well as options for jam, pasta, or desserts, these multifunctional machines are a worthy purchase if you’re looking to seriously upgrade your morning toast and lunchtime sandwiches.

Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker

This compact bread machine from Cuisinart boasts versatile and convenient functionality without requiring a ton of counter space. With twelve pre-programmed menu options and three crust shades, this bread maker can handle anything from gluten-free and artisan breads to pizza, desserts, and jams. A viewing window on the lid and interior light allow you to monitor the process of kneading, proofing, and baking. The LCD display makes using this bread maker easy and intuitive, and the machine has audible alerts to remind you when to remove the paddle or add mix-ins. Easy to use even for new bakers, the Cuisinart promises you’ll be enjoying delicious homemade loaves in no time.

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine

This option from Hamilton Beach allows you to make bread exactly to your preferences—whether you’re picky about nutritional content, extra flavorings, crust browning, or loaf size. Twelve pre-programmed cycles allow you to express your creativity in the kitchen, whether you’re in the mood for dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, or a simple loaf of sandwich bread. Non-slip feet ensure that the machine will stay secure on your countertop, and cleanup is a breeze, since the non-stick pan and kneading paddle are dishwasher-safe.

KBS 17-in-1 Bread Machine

This bread machine from KBS takes out all the guesswork when it comes to baking. It comes outfitted with an impressive array of seventeen programmed features and an “intelligent” fruit and nut dispenser that releases mix-ins at precisely the right time. With a durable stainless steel body, ceramic pan for uniform baking, and 360-degree baking, the KBS ensures quality loaves every time. Even better, you can bake bread in the morning without waking up the whole house, thanks to the uniquely quiet motor design.

Pohl Schmitt Stainless Steel Bread Machine

If you’re looking for an all-around solid bread machine at a reasonable price, the Pohl Schmitt is a great option. With fourteen settings, including gluten-free capabilities, and options for three loaf sizes, you can customize your homemade bread however you like. The machine will notify you when it’s time to add ingredients like fruit and nuts. The non-stick interior pan is removable, streamlining the cleanup process so you can focus on baking rather than dirty dishes.

Zojirushi Mini Breadmaker

This mini Zojirushi bread machine is perfect for bakers with smaller kitchens, as its compact and slim design occupy minimal counter space and its sturdy handle and convenient cord storage makes it portable if you choose to keep it tucked away in a pantry or cabinet when not in use. It produces one-pound loaves, with additional settings for cookie and pasta dough as well as jams and cakes. The kneading blade and pan are both non-stick, so cleanup is quick and easy.

Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

An upgraded version of the Zojirushi Mini, the Virtuoso Plus offers a wider array of features and more advanced baking technology. It also has settings for whole wheat, gluten free, sugar free, and vegan loaves, as well as rapid courses that allow you to bake a simple loaf in just over two hours total. The machine has two kneading blades for extra thoroughness and dual heaters on the bottom and lid to ensure uniform baking and browning. An included recipe book details unique dishes you’ll be shocked that you can make in a bread machine, like meatloaf and homemade pasta. All of the functions are easy to access and use on the LCD display, and a large viewing window allows you to peek inside at the process.

Crownful Automatic Bread Machine

On the more affordable end, this bread machine by Crownful offers twelve presets and a variety of sizes and crust options. Since this machine is equipped with a warming setting and delay timer, you’ll be able to wake up to freshly baked bread the morning after pre-loading the ingredients. An LCD panel and transparent window let you observe the progress of your dough, and the five-layer, non-stick stretch bread pan helps achieve even baking.

Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker

The Breville bread machine is a sleek stainless-steel option that will look elegant in any kitchen. No matter what type of bread you’re baking, this machine has you set with unique features like a collapsible kneading paddle (to minimize disruption of the base of the loaf) and an automatic fruit and nut dispenser. With thirteen automatic settings, three crust colors, four loaf sizes, and a bit of creativity, the Breville puts endless delicious permutations right at your fingertips.

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