10 Delicious Burger Grilling Kits You Need Right Now

Whether you're cooking indoors or out, the secret to a truly great burger is truly great meat, and Goldbelly's got you covered with options from all across the country.

Goldbelly/Pat Lafreida
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The quest to find the ultimate, most spectacular burger in America may never be complete, but that's no reason not to indulge in a proper taste test whenever possible. And since it may be a bit tougher to do a culinary tour of standout burger spots this summer in light of current circumstances, now's the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the home delivery options from some of the most iconic beef patty purveyors across the country. 

To set you on the right track, we've pulled together a selection of 10 excellent burgers and burger kits you can get delivered directly to your door via Goldbelly and cook yourself. The only thing you need to worry about is whether you want to grill them up outside or indoors.

Goldbelly/Davila's BBQ

Price: $89
Seguin, Texas-based Davila's BBQ has been turning out delicious meats and homemade sauces and rubs since it first opened over 60 years ago. Its brisket burgers -- which are ground in-house -- come with a nice spicy kick, and this pack includes 10 half-pound patties and a container of Davila's signature dry rub so you can recreate the fresh taste right at home.


Price: $99
Although it's exceedingly difficult to actually get the truly excellent Au Poivre burger -- deemed by this very website (and others) to be one of the very best burgers in America -- if you're eating at Raoul's in NYC (they serve only 12 per night), you can easily get all the fixings you need to recreate one at home. This kit -- which makes four burgers -- comes complete with four buttery challah buns, four 7-ounce brisket blend burger patties, peppercorns, four ounces St. Andre cheese, one container of Au Poivre sauce, and one container of Raoul's Vinaigrette. The only thing you'll need to add yourself to make it authentic is some shaved red onion, watercress, and cornichon. 

Goldbelly/Alewel's Country Meat

Price: $89
If you're a fan of burgers that are blended with a bit more than just meat, then this box from Missouri's Alewel's Country Meats is right up your alley. It's stocked with three different types of 8-ounce 85% lean beef burgers from the nearly 90-year-old institution: 4 Bacon and Cheddar patties, 4 Mushrooms and Swiss patties, and 4 Jalapeno and Cheddar patties. FYI, though, it's BYOB (bring your own bun). 

Goldbelly/Pat Lafreida Meats

Price: $69
Pat LaFreida Meats have been providing exceptional quality dry-aged steaks and burgers to premier restaurants around the country for generations, so you know you're getting the real deal with this box. The Gold Label Burger box -- which is inspired by LaFrieda's Black Label blend used to make the famed burger at NYC's Minetta Tavern -- comes with eight 6-ounce patties made from a blend of American Black Angus short rib, flat iron, and dry-aged rib steak. 

Goldbelly/Flannery Beef

Price: $79
If you're looking for a premium beef burger from a butcher that supplies a number of Michelin-rated restaurants, this pack from San Rafael, California's Flannery Beef should be in your cart. It's stocked with four pounds of a custom Goldbelly burger blend ground fresh to order, made with four different cuts of beef: 25% Wagyu chuck, 25% prime shortribs, 25% choice filet tails, and 25% dry-aged steak ends. Hungry yet?

Goldbelly/Broken Arrow Ranch

Price: $85
Nowhere is it written that burgers must be made from beef, and you need no further proof of why than some juicy, lean venison ground meat. This four pound pack from Texas's Broken Arrow Ranch is made from a pure blend of free-range deer and antelope meat, which contains less than 5% fat but packs a ton of flavor. 

Goldbelly/Shake Shack

Price: $49
For those of us who can't dial up some Shake Shack on demand via UberEats, this kit is truly a godsend. It's delivered right to your door with (nearly) all you'll to replicate a juicy ShackBurger in your own kitchen or backyard. The kit -- which has enough fixins for eight burgers -- includes eight patties made from Shake Shack's custom Pat LaFrieda beef blend, eight Martin's potato rolls, eight slices of American cheese, and four ounces of Shake Shack's custom ShackSauce. The only thing missing are whatever toppings you want to add (we're partial to the classic lettuce/tomato/onion/pickle combo). 

Goldbelly/Lone Mountain Wagyu

Price: $69
Have a hankering for some pure, densely marbled Wagyu? This pack (available in both three and five pound varieties) from New Mexico's Long Mountain Wagyu will certainly scratch that itch. It's raised with no hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics and each pound comes packaged separately, which means you can make your patties as big or petite as you see fit. 

Goldbelly/Master Purveyors

Price: $57.50
As if the other special burger blends on this list weren't enough to stir your appetite, here's another. Bronx-based Master Purveyors is the butcher of choice for a number of big-name restaurants in New York (Peter Luger, 21 Club, and more), and this box comes with eight 6-ounce patties made from a special blend of prime short rib, chuck, and brisket to take your burger grilling to the next level.

Goldbelly/Pike Place Fish Market

Price: $13
Purists may scoff at the fact that we're including salmon burgers on this list, but you know what, who cares? These four-pack of quarter pound salmon cakes from Pike Place Fish market (made from wild Pacific Salmon) are perfect for summer grilling season. Just add a bun and some quality tartar sauce and you're in business.

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