Can CBD Boost Your Energy and Help You Focus?

While CBD may be better known as a sleep aid, it turns out it can also be beneficial if you're looking to boost your energy and brainpower.

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If you’ve found it hard to jump-start your day lately, you’re not alone. If you want to try something new to shake out the cobwebs in your brain, cannabidiol (CBD) is worth a shot. You might be thinking “Isn’t CBD used to help people sleep? How can it give me energy too?” As peculiar as it may seem, this cannabinoid seems to be able to do both.

Scientific research on CBD is already limited, in general, and it’s largely focused on medical applications for pain or insomnia. Still, the few findings scientists have unearthed support the idea that CBD consumption can indeed lead to alertness.

Goodbye Brain Fog

Since the jury is still out on how well CBD can perk you up, some products are more concerned with keeping you focused. There’s more weight behind CBD’s positive effects on anxiety, so it follows that a calmer demeanor can help you look at tasks more clearly.

Nico Marley (yes, of those Marleys) swears by his Lion X gummies for this purpose. The vegan gummies come in flavorful little Xs, each of which contains 10mg of CBD. Sure, he might be a little biased, but he reportedly snacks on a gummy every so often to power him through the day.

Focus Hemp Co, meanwhile, lives up to its name with its Daily Vitality tincture. Boosted with Ashwagandha, each dropper holds 23mg of CBD to help you zero in on your work (or play). Plant People also leverages nature to supercharge its CBD formulas. Its popular Stay Sharp capsules use adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola to improve cognition and energy levels.

Edibles for Energy

If you think you might have trouble remembering to take pills or go through a tincture routine, edibles are a great way to make CBD a part of your morning. Take your coffee to the next level with Jane West’s CBD blend that brings about 20mg of CBD into each cup. For tea drinkers, Purity Organic makes a green tea with lemongrass for focus, filling each tea bag with 15mg of CBD.

For something more exciting, there’s a way to invite chocolate to the CBD party. Calivolve’s Revive is a pack of decadent, dark chocolate truffles that are vegan and gluten-free. Energizing adaptogens, warming spices like cayenne, and 20mg of CBD fill each jewel-shaped truffle.

Do You Want Caffeine with That?

Many CBD products targeted towards the rise and grind crowd often aren’t shy about just adding caffeine, though it’s often much lower than what you would find in a cup of coffee (typically around 100mg). Industry darling Pure Kana puts 78mg of caffeine in its famous AM CBD capsules while Lazarus Naturals only adds 50mg to its pills. Both companies also lean on the energizing properties of B vitamins in their formulas for a well-rounded wake-up call.

No Jitters Please

For those sensitive to caffeine, don’t worry. As you’ve seen, CBD companies tend to take a holistic approach to their products. B vitamins, Rhodiola, and L-theanine are the most common additions, but there’s no shortage of natural ways to elevate a CBD product.

Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir uses revitalizing moringa in its tincture. The organic supplement brand has a devoted following thanks to its water-soluble CBD extract. Serious nanoemulsion is slowly becoming the standard throughout the cannabis industry because the smaller the extract droplets are, the easier they can enter the bloodstream. As a result, Ojai Energetics fans often start to feel the effects even faster than with other sublingual tinctures.

Even if you want to just focus on the hemp plant itself, there’s a new wave of options available. Kat’s Naturals combines CBD with the cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) in its Metabolize tincture with revitalizing effects. CBG is proving to have some effective medical uses, largely surrounding gastrointestinal issues and inflammation, but the research is lacking when it comes to its effects on energy. There’s increasing anecdotal evidence, however, that CBG can put some pep in your step.

Of course, if you want to keep it simple, you can start your CBD-fueled day the old-fashioned way. Green Unicorn Farms makes several excellent pre-roll packs, some of which are designated specifically for daytime or nighttime use. The Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls are as tropical as the name sounds with its pineapple notes, but the 13.7 percent CBD in each one won’t leave you on island time. With these joints, “wake and bake” takes on a new form that’s more like wake and bake a bakery’s worth of cinnamon rolls and do laundry and finally call your insurance company and...

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