How to Say Goodbye to Restless Nights with CBD

CBD can be used for myriad purposes, but getting a good night’s rest is at the top of the list.

Grace Han/thrillist
Grace Han/thrillist
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For some, falling asleep was a familiar struggle long before the anxiety-fueled fever pitch of the past year. For a little help actually catching some Zzzs after a doomscrolling alert hits your feed, cannabidiol (CBD) has your very tense back.

CBD can be used for several purposes, but a good night’s rest is at the top of the list. It can be confusing to some that CBD is also used for alertness, but when you’re using it to combat insomnia, you’re generally dealing with more potent products. Even though the doses are generally higher, sleep-focused CBD items are usually non-psychoactive.

Some CBD sleep products take advantage of another cannabinoid called cannabinol (CBN). CBN is derived from THC, but it’s only technically psychoactive. It most often carries over the sedative effect of THC without the high. Still, some people are more sensitive to this cannabinoid than others. Keeping that in mind, the CBN levels are typically quite low in these products, and CBD is definitely still the star.

More studies are needed to draw concrete conclusions about how CBD works to help people fall asleep and stay asleep, but recent work in this field is promising. A 2019 study measured anxiety and quality of sleep in its participants, and after one month, anxiety lessened and sleep quality improved. Sleep quality fluctuated a little in further follow-ups, but it was still an improvement compared to the baseline quality.

Like all forms of cannabis, everyone’s ideal dose is different and that number may change over time. If you want to take CBD for a spin to get some well-deserved shut-eye, be sure to ease into it and listen to what works for your body.

Level Zzz: 2400mg CBD Oil Drops with Melatonin
This tincture is bigger than most, and it’s packing a lot under the hood too. Melatonin and a little cannabigerol (CBG) team up to help out the 40mg of CBD in each dropper in its quest to get you some rest. The small amount of energizing CBG in the vanilla-flavored drops provides a line of defense against the grogginess that can occur while you’re figuring out the best dose for you.
CBD Gummies: Sleep
Arguably one of the most famous CBD brands, Charlotte’s Web walked so other CBD companies could run. Unfortunately, the company’s epileptic namesake whose story reinvigorated this country’s interest in CBD is no longer with us, but the company is still churning out high-quality goods like these gummies. Boosted by a little melatonin these raspberry gummies are a playful way to get ready for bed.
REST Wellness Drops
The Black-owned company Brown Girl Jane is overflowing with cult-hit CBD wellness products, and its Rest tincture continues to not miss. The CBD oil is complemented by peppermint, great for your evening hygiene routine, and 50mg of CBD fills each dropper.
Organic CBD Elixir
Run by Afro-Latinx twin sisters, Buena Botanicals is gaining popularity with its variety packs and this elixir. The tincture comes in 125, 250, and 500mg CBD bottles. While the higher CBD concentrations will likely fare better for those dealing with insomnia, the lowest potency can be a great introduction to CBD as you figure out your sensitivity.
Lavender CBD Bath Bomb | 50mg CBD
If you just need to get in the right mindset to fall asleep, a CBD bath bomb is the ultimate relaxation tool. This beloved lavender bath bomb fills the room with its aroma while the 50mg of CBD helps you shake off the day.
CBD Relax 300mg THC Free Sublingual Oil
This sleek potion lives on this writer’s nightstand. Kat’s Naturals’ Relax tincture only relies on CBD to help you drift off, and it’s easy to adjust how many drops you take instead of measuring out full or half droppers. The addition of wild orange essential oil is just icing on the cake, enough to minimize earthiness while still being subtle.
Slim Hemp CBD Pre-rolls
Alive & Kicking’s slim pre-rolls clock in at a humorous 4.20g per pack. These Suver Haze super-skinny pre-rolls contain 23 percent CBD hemp, perfect for melting into your pillow at the end of a long day.
Hemp CBD PM Tincture
This hemp tincture also makes good use of CBN with 2mg in each dropper and about 31mg of CBD. Vitamin E adds stability to the oil, but it’s otherwise no-frills. Humboldt Apothecary doesn’t try to mask the hemp extract’s flavor, and people swear by it all the same.
Buy CBD Sleep Aid Tincture | 1500mg CBD
Pure Kana is an industry mainstay—and for good reason. This tasty tincture employs CBN and a little melatonin to yield a pleasantly sedative feeling. With botanical notes like jasmine and lavender, your biggest problem will be waiting to swallow the dose!
Master Kush Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls
Pre-rolls are a great way to start feeling the effects of CBD almost immediately. Lady Jays hemp pre-rolls are as satisfying as they are stylized. This pack of 10 Master Kush joints lights up about 11 percent CBD hemp to help you hit the hay.
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