9 Deliciously Popular Donut Spots Around the Country That Ship Everywhere

Feeling a bit peckish? These delicious and popular donut spots turn out next-level confections, and they will all ship straight to your door.

Goldbelly/The Donut Pub
Goldbelly/The Donut Pub
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Listen, we love Krispy Kreme (and Dunkin'), but nothing can compete with a fresh made donut from an indie bakery. Especially if it's the type of spot that commands a line around the corner every morning. That's a line we're ready to wait in. And if you aren't able to plot out a donut-fueled road trip this summer, fret not. You can still get some of the best, freshly baked (or fried!) donuts in America delivered straight to your door via Goldbelly. We found 9 standout options worthy of your attention (including a few that may not technically count as "donuts" but are nonetheless drool-worthy).

Goldbelly/Stan's Donuts

Price: $59
Since 1963, Stan's Donuts has been serving up fresh and wildly in-demand donuts in Los Angeles, and in 2014 expanded to Chicago thanks to restauranteur Rich Labriola. Now, you can get your hands on some of its most popular and whimsical offerings wherever you are with this "Best Sellers" box, which comes stocked with an assortment 12 different varieties including cinnamon sugar cake, blueberry old fashioned, birthday cake, red velvet, and more.

Goldbelly/The Donut Pub

Price: $89
The Donut Pub has been serving classic donuts and pastries in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood since 1964, and now you can get its latest wildly delicious creation shipped straight to you. This sampler of "Croissant Donuts" comes packed with 9 croissant donuts of your choosing in flavors like maple-glazed (or maple-glazed with bacon), s'mores, chocolate caramel, or chocolate glazed.

Goldbelly/Weikel's Bakery

Price: $59
We are not here to debate whether kolaches are in fact donuts, but simply that you can get some of the best dang kolaches in the country delivered fresh anywhere. This pack from the beloved Weikel's Bakery in La Grange, Texas is stocked with two dozen of its famous kolaches (which for the uninitiated are fluffy dough pastries filled with fruit, cheese, or other delicious treats) in your choice of flavors from its roster of 20 options.

Goldbelly/Angel Food Bakery

Price: $69
Part donut, part croissant, these cleverly named hybrid pastries from Minnesota's Angel Food Bakery area are little pieces of sweet heaven that take three days to make. However, once they're done you can have them shipped straight to you in this box, which comes with eight of the freshly made chewy, flakey, vanilla-glazed treats. 

Goldbelly/Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery

Price: $49
Though the malasada pastry has Portuguese roots, these malasadas (a fried yeasted doughnut covered in different flavors/sugars) from Honolulu's Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery have a uniquely Hawaiian flair to them thanks to native Hawaiian proprietor Gayla Young. This pack of the freshly handmade pastries ships anywhere and comes included with your choice of 12 in five different flavor options: classic white sugar, coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, or Li Hiny (salty dried plum sugar). 

Goldbelly/Brenda's French Soul Food

Price: $79
While Brenda's French Soul Food may not be located in New Orleans (it's in San Francisco), it turns out some next-level beignets that would make Cafe Du Monde take notice. This pack of the delicate ready-to-deep-fry pastries comes with 12 beignets, six in each flavor: Granny Smith apple and Ghiradelli chocolate. You'll also get plenty of powdered sugar mix (and a sugar sifter to properly cover them once they're ready). Just bear in mind that they arrive to your door uncooked and will require frying before you eat them.

Goldbelly/Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Price: $35
If you've graduated from sourdough and feeling ready to try your hand at baking something a bit different (and sweeter), please direct your attention to popular baking kit from San Francisco's Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. It comes with everything you'll need to make16 doughnuts (or 7-10 bagels, if you'd rather that), including bread flour, dry active yeast, kosher salt, and granulated sugar, plus its easy to follow "secret" recipe. You will need to supply your own honey, milk, butter, and eggs, though. 

Goldbelly/Elegant Desserts

Price: $69
While they're not technically donuts, these frozen treats are arguably just as tasty (if not more). From Brooklyn's Elegant Dessert's, these dairy-free donut-shaped ice cream sandwiches come in four different flavors (chocolate vanilla sprinkles, salted caramel, hazelnut, and strawberry). This pack comes with six in flavors of your choice.

Goldbelly/La New Yorkina

Price: $79
Nothing beats an authentic churro, and the ones handmade by La New Yorkina are among the best. This woman-owned NYC treats shop ships everything you'll need to recreate them right at home, including 24 pre-fried Mexican Churros (roughly eight inches long each), one jar of Mexican hot fudge, one jar of Cajeta (goat milk caramel), and a half-pint of cinnamon sugar.

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