7 Delicious Dumpling & Pierogi Spots Across the Country That Deliver Everywhere

If you've been meaning to expand your dumpling and pierogi horizons, these hugely popular purveyors across the country will deliver their bestsellers fresh to your door.

Goldbelly/Wow Bao
Goldbelly/Wow Bao
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While there's no denying their deliciousness at any hour of the day, there is perhaps no better late-night food than dumplings and pierogies. Whether they're your go-to to sop up a few too many adult beverages (remember going out?), or the snack of choice while bingeing Netflix after midnight, they hold a special place in our stomachs and hearts. Fortunately, you can easily get some of the best in the country without even leaving your house.

A number of standout dumpling and pierogi spots around the country currently deliver via Goldbelly, and we've rounded up a few of our favorites to help you keep your kitchen stocked whenever the next craving strikes. 

Goldbelly/Shirley Chung's Ms. Chi

Price: $99
This sampler of bestsellers comes from Top Chef alum Chef Shirley Chung's Ms. Chi in Los Angeles, and includes two standouts that highlight her passion for traditional northern Chinese-inspired Chinese American cuisine. In it, you'll get 20 wildly delicious Chicken Jiaozi dumplings and 6 giant Cheese Burger potstickers. The dumplings are made with ground all-natural chicken thighs mixed with Chinese five-spice, minced ginger, and scallions wrapped in a turmeric-colored wrapper (they also come with a side of Chiangkang black vinegar sauce and chili oil for dipping). The signature potstickers are made with Creek Stone Farm ground beef chuck roast blended with chunky diced onion and shredded cheddar (plus a cube of cheddar in the middle to give "the woozy cheese effect") then wrapped in an orange paprika-colored dough and served alongside a smokey-sweet bacon tomato jam. All in all, it's enough to serve 5-6 people (or, you know, 2-3 particularly dumpling and potsticker-crazed people). 

Goldbelly/Baba & Pops

Price: $149
Aurora, Colorado's Baba & Pop's famous handmade pierogies come in a whole smorgasbord of flavors, and this pack allows you to enjoy 4 dozen in your flavor your choice, whether you're looking for traditional or something a bit more "new world." Flavor varieties include traditional potato and cheese stuffed (roasted potatoes and mild cheddar), spinach and feta stuffed, roasted sweet potato (can be served sweet or savory), pulled pork stuffed (18-hour house dry-rubbed slow roasted pork shoulder), chile relleno stuffed (roasted hatch green chiles, Monterey jack cheese), and -- depending on the season -- its Holiday Feast Pierogi, which is stuffed with roasted potatoes, turkey gravy, and stewed cranberries). 

Goldbelly/Wow Bao

Price: $89
Chicago-based Wow Bao's inventive and delicious spins on the traditional Chinese steamed, fluffy filled buns are a true treat, and now you can get them shipped fresh to your own kitchen, anywhere in the country. This box includes 6 packs of Bao (4 each) in flavor options of your choice: Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Berkshire Pork, Spicy Mongolian Beef, or Whole Wheat Vegetable (a blend of broccoli, snow pea, edamame, shitake mushroom, red bell pepper, carrot, and bok choy).


Price: $99
Founded by Ukranian refugees and open 24 hours, Veselka has been an institution in NYC's East Village since 1954. All you need is one taste of its pierogies to understand why. This pack gets you three dozen in your choice of up to 3 filling flavors: meat (beef and chicken), potato (potatoes and cheese), cheese (filled with farmer's cheese), arugula and goat cheese, or sauerkraut and mushroom.

Goldbelly/Dumpling Monster

Price: $99
Chef Perry Cheung's Dumpling Monster in Los Angeles has been serving up crazy-good soup dumplings and more in West Hollywood since 2019, and now's you can sample some of their greatest hits at home. This pack -- which serves 4-6 people -- comes with 25 Spicy Pork Wontons (made in house with hormone-free meats) and 25 Chicken and Chive Dumplings (made with hormone free meats and crafted with dumpling skin made in-house). Plus you'll also get a special chili soy sauce for dipping.

Goldbelly/Kenny & Ziggy's

Price: $23.95
Houston's Kenny & Ziggy's is often cited as one of the top delis in the country, and its pierogies are one its menu's biggest stars. This pack gets you everything you need to enjoy them (boiled or pan-fried) at home. In it you'll get 12 pierogies filled with a blend of Yukon gold potatoes mashed with caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and spices and wrapped in a homemade noodle dough. Just serve with sour cream and/or applesauce and you'll be in business.

Goldbelly/Piroshky Piroshky

Price: $20
Seattle's Piroshky Piroshky has been serving up loads of popular Eastern European-inspired treats in Pike Place Market since 1992, and now you can try their super-popular potato and cheese pierogies at home. This pack gets you two pounds worth (roughly 50-60 individual pierogies) filled with potatoes and Tillamook cheese that you can boil or pan fry when you're ready.

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