The 20 Coolest Earth Homes You Can Rent on Airbnb

This is the closest you’ll ever get to living like a Hobbit.

earth house airbnb
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It’s a little harder to describe an earth home than one may think, so we’ll go for the most obvious explanation first. An earth home is basically a Hobbit house. But just in case you’ve somehow gone through life without ever reading any J.R.R. Tolkien books, or seeing the Lord of the Rings movies, or somehow even watching the new The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime (no, but seriously, how are you spending your free time?), they can also be described as homes built with soil (or other natural or recycled materials) against the walls or roof—or, in some cases, homes that are buried entirely underground.

These houses don’t exist just because they look super cool (they’re usually very futuristic or completely old-world), but because they are a sustainable way to build and live. But yeah...they also look super cool. And to be clear, not every earth house is a “Hobbit home,” but every “Hobbit home” is an earth house. Or some similar explanation that Bilbo Baggins would make equally as confusing but charming if he were the one writing this article.

Regardless of the logistics, several things are guaranteed when settling into an earth house for a night: They’re quirky, usually with lots of surprising details. They tend to be mostly off-the-grid and often hidden at first glance. They have endless amounts of charm. And, well, they’re earth houses, which are probably unlike any place you’re used to sleeping in but may soon be just what we need to survive climate change. (Too soon? Too real? Fair enough. Moving on…)

Think some or any of this sounds pretty rad? We agree, which is why we found 20 of the coolest earth houses on Airbnb across the United States, plus a couple in actual faraway lands, like Italy, the Netherlands, and England. Because, as Gandalf so wisely said, “The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there.”

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an unusual experience for a group, these earth-sheltered homes are guaranteed to be out of (or, rather, under) this world.

Hobbit haven in the Shenandoah Valley

2 guests/$314 per night


The hosts of “A Warm Hearth and All the Comforts of Home” have left no stone unturned when it comes to the details of their earth home: We’re talking round doorways, twinkling fairy lights, a pond outside of the front door, ornate furniture with endless medieval touches, cosplay clothing and props for your photo shoots (or whatever else!), a cozy hearth inside, a fire pit outside, and gorgeous gardens, including a forest filled with more unexpected moments, like fairy homes. Sign up for one of the classes offered—like forging a functional “Dragon Head” fire poker from scratch or making a witch broom with a wood handle—to take your experience to the next level.


What guests say: “Hobbit’s Dream is a meticulously and lovingly crafted experience. The labor and attention to detail that went into the home are truly incredible. Randy’s passion for crafting and building is readily apparent throughout the property. Linda and Randy are attentive hosts who have clearly put a lot of thought into constructing a memorable and comfortable stay. We enjoyed walking the trails, having wine and delicious seed cakes on the ferry, touring Randy’s workshop, and, of course, relaxing in the incredible environment. We can’t recommend this home highly enough! Thank you, again, Linda and Randy, for an absolutely fabulous visit!”

england hobbit home airbnb
Robertsbridge, England

4 guests/$431 per night


This earthen home in East Sussex was built into a bank by a local craftsman using local materials and has all of the details you’d expect from a Hobbit house, including a circular doorway, round windows, handmade furniture, and charming accents throughout. During the day, take in exquisite views of the valley from the cottage garden; at night, enjoy a soak in the private hot tub. If you’re looking for adventures, there are plenty of local pubs, Bodiam Castle (within walking distance), kayaking, a tennis court that can be used upon request, plus several beaches and vineyards nearby. 


What guests say: “The Hobbit House is such a wonderfully charming place to stay. It was peaceful, cozy, and so unique. We did a little bit of exploring around the area, but the house was too lovely to leave, so we made the most of the hot tub and relaxed in the wonderful surroundings. The wine, cheese, and crackers were a wonderful little welcome gift. Even better that the wine is made literally right on site by the hosts themselves!! Could not recommend highly enough!”

Utilitarian earth home on a farm in the Netherlands

8 guests/$173 per night


This working farm in a little village that’s about 1.5 hours outside of Amsterdam has several “Gronddulows,” which are basically earth homes with modern designs made with sustainable materials and an arched hood. You can stay in one with two or three sleeping rooms, all of which have a very functional design, practical but comfortable furniture, and spaces to cook and eat (including picnic tables). The space is very much a working farm with cows, chickens, horses, and vegetables, and you can help out as much (or as little) as you’d like. Milk and feed the cows, ride the tractor in the field, or skip all of the hard stuff and just visit the nearby historical villages where you can eat, drink, and relax.


What guests say: “Cannot say enough great things about this place. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax for a bit, this is the place to do it. We brought our 3 young kids here, and they had such a great time. The kids were able to really participate in working on the farm. The owners of this place were the nicest people. The earth houses were very nice and modern despite being on a farm. Will definitely be going back soon!!”

earth house airbnb

12 guests/$257 per night


This three-dome earth house tucked beneath a grassy knoll in the foothills of Montana’s Elkhorn Mountains is very much a Hobbit home, but it also has four full-sized sleeping nooks, as well as a secret (!!!) bedroom you enter through a tree trunk. There’s a trail right behind the home that takes you to a nearby creek, and at night, your group can enjoy meals at the outdoor dining table before gathering around the fire pit.


What guests say: “This is a very special place to stay. Getting to sleep in a cubby in a wall and shower in a tree trunk are memories that will stay with me forever. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, stay here!”

Light-filled hut on a cliff
Johnson City, Tennessee

2 guests/$220 per night


Two connected grass-covered domes on a hillside make up this romantic getaway with a mix of rustic and modern details throughout. Take a soak in the outdoor tub and then kick back next to the outdoor fire pit overlooking the waterfall and rock quarry pond. Unlike many earth homes, this interior is open and filled with natural light, so even those not that into confined spaces will be comfortable. If you want to go out and explore, there are hiking trails nearby, and shops and restaurants are just a short drive away.


What guests say: “Wow! Such a cool experience! We had a wonderful romantic getaway and are still in awe of the amazing architecture and beautiful location. The view from the house is unbelievable, and the grounds around the house are equally beautiful.”

earth homes airbnb

2 guests/$400 per night


You might have a hard time spotting the roofline of this charming home tucked into the mountainside, but once you make the short trek up the hill and through the vine-covered gate, you’ll feel like you’ve transformed into a Tolkien character. Climb through the circular green door to discover a stone fireplace, comfortable bed with a view you’ll take a million pictures of, bathtub for two, and lots of other incredible details that will make you squeal with delight. As the day winds down, sit in the rocking chairs on the porch to watch the sunset before retreating inside for a game of chess played on a board built into a tree stump table. (Oh, and keep an eye out for unique and unexpected “Easter eggs” throughout.)


What guests say: “We loved staying at the Hobbit Inn! So many tiny details made the place perfect and super unique. The view out of the front door is incredible. It was unlike anything we've ever done and we'll always remember it and hopefully will make it back one day!”

airbnb earth home italy

3 guests/$168 per night


Sure, you could settle for a super cool earth home in the States—but why do that when you could sleep inside of one in Italy? This limestone home in Matera may be built into the earth, but it’s anything but rustic. Minimalist and chic, the light-filled home has luxurious linens, antique furniture, candle-lit nooks, and modern bathrooms, all of which make it feel like a true sanctuary. Outside, you can relax in the “sun-caressed courtyard” and take in views of the hillside and city skyline; and, if you do decide to venture out (you did go all the way to Italy, after all), you can visit the ancient city of Matera (it dates back to 7000 BC), see the cave dwellings in the Sassi area, visit nearby rock churches with 13th-century frescoes, and more.


What guests say: “As soon as we opened the door to this place, we were stunned into silence. It’s beautiful, everything you could hope for, and a super inspiring space. Really well placed amongst everything that’s going on. Worth packing light as you can park around a ten-minute walk away, and there are lots of steps, so recommend packing enough for the time you are there in a holdall and leaving the rest in the car. We will definitely be back; so inspiring and the perfect spot outside for a cigar and game of cards overlooking the old city. Heaven!”

Off-grid adobe dome near Big Bend National Park

3 guests/$131 per night


Big Bend is known for its isolation, night skies, and desert scenery—all of which you can also enjoy at this off-the-grid dome that sits under a dark sky ordinance, which means you’ll be able to enjoy unobstructed views of the sunrises, sunsets, and stars. The earthen structure is “small, but functional” and is powered by solar energy, so you can charge your phone but leave the blow dryer at home. This home is truly off-grid, so not only will you have to be okay with a composting toilet, but you’ll have to live without a shower for a few nights. There is, however, a sink that delivers captured rainfall, a fire pit for evening cocktails and s’mores, and a hammock lounge. What more do you actually need? 


What guests say: “A unique stay in a serene place that we loved! Peaceful, beautiful, and quiet. This dome was quirky and fun and had far more amenities than we expected. Of course, with the off-grid nature of the location, there were a few considerations and steps to take which differ from a hotel, but we would happily do it again. And on top of it, Trevor was a very helpful and responsive communicator. Lovely experience overall!!”

earth house airbnb

2 guests/$361 per night


You know who didn’t have electricity? Hobbits. Sure, they were the most technologically advanced society in Middle Earth, but if you want to truly live as they did, you’re going to have to swap lightbulbs for candles and heaters for a wood-burning fireplace. Which is exactly what you’ll get at this Hobbit house with natural rock walls, wood beam ceilings, and the iconic round door. Good news though: There IS running water and you’ll be provided with a cooler to keep your perishables cold. Outside you’ll also find a propane BBQ grill, an outdoor shower (with hot water), a flush toilet (the luxury!), and a fire pit. Don’t forget to bring a camping chair to set up on the roof for stargazing. 


What guests say: “Visiting this Airbnb exceeded all our expectations. 10/10 for creativity, magic, cleanliness, attention to detail, and so much more. Everything was in excellent working order, the bed was comfortable, the shower was great and warm, and it was just spectacular.”

earth house airbnb

8 guests/$385 per night


If you like the idea of an earth home, but don’t love the idea of actually getting down and dirty with the earth, this modern masterpiece is the place for you. Full of natural life, the sleek 2,500-square-foot home has a fully equipped kitchen, flatscreen TV, Wi-Fi, electric fireplace, and high-end finishes. And that’s just the inside. Outside, there’s a spacious yard with a fire pit, patio, dining table, grill, lawn games, and a garden. Plus, commenters rave about the special touches like wine and local chocolates.


What guests say: “James Bond would stay here if he came to Springfield. It was perfectly clean and so many nice special touches (original architectural drawings, design books, firewood, wine, coffee, and local chocolates) made this an extremely special place. The bed was so comfortable. I would give this 6 stars if I could but 5 will have to do on the Airbnb scale. We'll be back!”

Stylish “Hobbit Knoll” surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains

4 guests/$292 per night


Ninety percent of this home is built into the earth, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get all the views and amenities needed for a relaxing getaway. Located on eight acres (there are five treehouses also on the property), this home looks out at the mountains and has locally crafted round doors, a large living area with a gas fireplace, and an outdoor area perfect for relaxing around the fire as you watch the sun dip below the mountain peaks. And if for some reason you get bored of spending time in heaven, downtown Asheville is only 10 minutes away.


What guests say: “We stayed at the Hobbit Knoll and absolutely loved every second of it! The views and the property are so beautiful, and the pictures truly don’t do it justice! It was a magical experience from the moment we arrived at our little hobbit home.”

earth house airbnb

2 guests/$75 per night


Go off-the-grid without going too off-the-grid at this cozy cabin in upstate New York. Though you won’t find Wi-Fi or a flushing toilet, you actually will have access to electricity—the house is lit with an Edison light and electric flame lantern, and is heated in the winter by an electric fireplace. (There’s also a fire pit outside for bonfires and cookouts.) Take in the smell of pine cones and fresh air, and if you start to notice that you’re a little stinky, don’t sweat it. The owners live in a house on the property and will let you use their shower. 


What guests say: “Completely worth it! My boyfriend and I felt right at home in this cozy little Hobbit home :) Even in the winter, the room kept a great temperature all night. If you have any interest, you should absolutely check it out!”

earth house airbnb

6 guests/$474 per night


This solar earth home with a stargazing observation tower sits on seven acres and is surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. If not for the tower, you truly might not even notice the house was there, especially in the winter when the roof is blanketed by snow. The interior is somehow still airy and bright with tile floors, colorful art and decor, ladders to lofts, a full kitchen, and a retro carousel fireplace in the living room. There’s also a zipline on the property and you’re close to the world's deepest geothermal hot springs, skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, dog sledding, and more. And just in case that didn’t sell you, it was also featured on Netflix’s “World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.” 


What guests say: “Every inch of this unique and inspiring house was filled with such fun, whimsical, and artful touches. The stargazing from the tower and the rooftop lounge was otherworldly. We have stayed in many places around the world and this is the most memorable and inspiring.”

earth house airbnb

3 guests/$65 per night


This cozy Hobbit home is built half above-ground and half underground and has an earthen Zen garden for a roof. The sleeping area is private, but you’ll share a bathroom, garden, fire pit, yoga deck, and outdoor kitchenette with the family who lives in the main house. The interior has wood plank walls and ceilings, stone details, concrete floors, and lots of quirky details waiting to be discovered.


What guests say: “This is beyond anything I would have expected. It was so serene from the moment you approach the gate. You can tell that close attention to detail is paid because not one thing was out of place. Absolutely amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat.”

earth house airbnb

4 guests/$414 per night


If you like your earth home Airbnbs to come with a side of romance, look no further than this tiny “mushroom house” designed by Earl Young, an American architectural designer who built 31 similar structures all in this town over a span of 52 years. The house has endless charming details, including a thatched roof, stone walls, curved stone staircase, hand-carved furniture, heated floors, a gorgeous garden, and a loft that is accessible only by a ladder. It’s also close to Lake Michigan and within walking distance of Bridge Street, which has lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. 


What guests say: “What a great way to experience Charlevoix at the Chalet Mushroom House! It is so cozy, romantic, beautiful, unique, and just fun! You are so close to everything and you can walk to all the sites.”

Private retreat with gorgeous gardens and a hot tub

6 guests/$500 per night


This cozy dome “Hobbit hole” is a treat inside and out. Behind the red circular door, you’ll find everything you need: two bedrooms with views of lush green foliage, a sizeable kitchen and dining area, a living room with a TV (with cable and Netflix that you’ll never use), chandeliers, tons of board games, and two full baths. The outside is equally as spectacular: three patios, a babbling brook, well-maintained grounds and gardens, a grill, two hammocks, two fire pits, and a hot tub. It’s located just five minutes from a quaint town, but if you have read this far, you understand that you won’t want to leave.


What guests say: “Our experience at the Hobbit House was outstanding. Despite bad weather, we felt wonderfully secluded in this incredible home, marveling at its craftsmanship and the warm hospitality of the hosts. The home is both beautiful and extremely comfortable, with every needed amenity.”

Magical earth-sheltered home perfect for adventurers

4 guests/$400 per night


If you want to uncover every quaint and quirky detail (many Tolkien-inspired) of this 1,100-square-foot “Hobbit house” and the surrounding property, you should definitely partake in the host-designed quests/scavenger hunt. Just a few things you’ll find (without spoiling any surprises): a clawfoot tub in the garden, antiques throughout, homemade baked goods, fresh eggs in the chicken coop, a swimming hole, lawn games (including archery), a fire pit under the stars, hammocks, and even a pub with a player piano and darts. 


What guests say: “Perfection. This was the most fantastic place I have ever stayed in my entire life. The Hobbit house and adjacent pub are ineffably charming and decorated flawlessly. There are gems everywhere you look, and the small attention to detail in each space adds up to an overall aesthetic that is completely immersive, warm, and delightfully cozy. If you are a Tolkien fan, this is a true must-see.”

earth house airbnb

10 guests/$467 per night


Joshua Tree is full of unique abodes, but this is the perfect one for anyone who is a fan of Luke Skywalker’s home planet. (Or anyone who never got over the fact that Luke kissed his sister and is just looking to completely reset.) The spacious and natural light-filled domes in Bonita Village, just outside of Joshua Tree, were built with earth bags filled with sand arranged in layers and/or coils and are perfect for enjoying starry desert nights. Owned and operated by a contemporary medicine woman, this is a place you go to appreciate quiet and solitude (literally, there is zero noise tolerance after dark). The home has all of the amenities you’ll need, and there is a new black bottom pool for soaking after a day of hiking in the desert.


What guests say: “What a unique experience. My wife and I stayed here in the dead of summer, with temperatures reaching upwards of 110 degrees, yet we were both cool and comfortable inside these superadobe structures. Stay here if you want to feel inspired.”

earth house airbnb

2 guests/$146 per night


Nearly everything in this secluded Hobbit house was hand-crafted by a member of the family who owns it, including the countertop made with stones from the property, the wooden furniture and tables, and even the dishes. It is built into a hill in front of a second earthen home (also available to rent) and has everything you need for a comfortable stay, including heated floors, a rain-head shower, small kitchen, outdoor fire pit, and even waffle mix, maple syrup, and a waffle iron so you don’t have to stress about buying groceries for breakfast.


What guests say: “This house is so beautifully designed and put together on the inside with beautiful wood, tiling, and heated flooring. I definitely highly recommend staying at Marlan’s Hobbit hole, especially if you’re a big fan of the Lord of the Rings!”

earth house airbnb

4 guests/$160 per night


Taos is known for two types of housing: Pueblo-style homes and Earthships. This recently refurbished Earthship was built by pioneer and architect Michael Reynolds in 1979 as an experiment in sustainable architecture. Today, it is still as simple as it was back then and nearly invisible (in a good way) if you’re not looking for it, but it was built by the man who invented the modern Earthship, which is reason enough alone to book it. Plus, as cozy as it is, you can still enjoy modern amenities, like a full bathroom (down the hall and through the greenhouse with a shower that’s almost, but not quite outside, a thing most guests list as a “pro”), a flower-filled patio, and beautiful views. It’s also close to downtown Taos where you’ll find galleries, shops, and restaurants.


What guests say: “Absolutely amazing experience staying in the Earthship. The space is so welcoming and comfortable, and the best bathroom of any Airbnb ever. We made the short drive to check out the visitor center and Earthship community—could not recommend this enough. Such an important vision for a better future. Thank you!”

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