11 Exhilarating Electric Bikes for Every Purpose & Budget

Pedal a bike? What is this, 2019? Electronic bikes are taking the US by storm and we've rounded up the best ones for your budget.

Rad Power Bikes
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There are many advantages to owning an e-bike. They're great for the environment, they're great for all ages and skill levels (pending you know how to balance on a bike), they're a great alternative to cars and public transportation, and they're exciting to ride.

Choosing an e-bike that's right for you, however, can be a bit daunting. A cursory glance around the web will show you a wide selection of options that range from roughly $400 all the way up to $6,000+. For our purposes, we found 11 great e-bikes that are suitable for myriad situations -- think foldable e-bikes for the city, rugged e-bikes for trails, and all around everyday bikes that are powerful enough to give you an adrenaline rush while not draining your battery after 30 minutes. 

These are 11 of our favorite electric bicycles you can buy right now, from $400 to $1,800.

E-bikes Under $1000


Best for: Apartment dwellers and city commuters who value their storage space
Price: $440
Features: Has a collapsible frame (great for small apartments), a removable 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery, and can take you 15-30 miles on one charge (which is 4-6 hours).


Best for: Riders who want to tackle rough terrain (think gravel & dirt roads)
Price: $649
Features: A 350W high speed brushless motor, the ability to hit speeds of up to 25mph, a range of up to 22-40 miles per charge (depending on speed & rider's weight), and three modes: E-bike, assisted, and normal bike. Will reach full charge in 4-6 hours. 


Best for: Folding up and taking with you on a camping trip
Price: $969
Features: Easy to fold and transport. Can handle the city, dirt, or rough terrain. It's powered by 48V 500W rear hub motor and features a 48V 13AH battery -- which takes 5-8 hours to fully charge and will give you 25+ miles.

Rad Power Bikes

Best for: Bike commuters who want something simple and effective
Price: $999
Features: A 500W geared hub motor, the ability to get you 25-45+ miles per charge (depending on speed and rider weight), a 48V 10.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, and a payload capacity of 275lbs.

E-Bikes $1,000 to $1,500

Rad Power Bikes

Best for: People who love options and customization
Price: $1,199
Features: Over 330 accessory combinations (baskets, saddles, racks, etc), the ability to go 45 miles per charge, a 300lb capacity, and a 750W geared hub motor to get you cruisin'.


Best for: Those who live in hilly areas and could use some solid acceleration on inclines
Price: $1,200
Features: A hidden, removable 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery, a built-in 3W LED headlight for night riding, 35-50 miles per full charge (which is four hours), and front & rear disc brakes. It's also lightweight for its size and boasts great suspension for off-road riding.


Best for: Those in hilly areas, people by the beach, or long distance bike commuters
Price: $1,399
Features: It's equipped with a 48V 17.5Ah battery (long life span, high performance). On pedal-assist mode, you can get over 60 miles per charge -- and around 35 miles on electric power mode. The company offers a 2-year warranty on batteries, the rear rack, headlight and taillight. It also rides very smoothly on sand, gravel, dirt, and pavement.


Best for: Beach bums who are getting really tired of pedaling home after a long day in the sun
Price: $1,480
Features: Super comfortable seat and design (it's built for leisure). It can handle sand, mud, and snow. It also boasts a rear hub 48V 1000W motor, so depending on user's weight this thing can hit 30mph or more.

E-Bikes $1,500 and More

Rad Power Bikes

Best for: Parents who want to take their kids for rides, people who need to haul goods/cargo
Price: $1,599
Features: A whopping 350lb payload capacity -- this bike is made for hauling cargo (or kids!) around town. A low center of gravity for easy control, and a ton of options for customization -- you can make it a 3-seater or outfit it with cargo racks. You'll get 25-45+ miles per charge depending on weight, as well as a backlit display unit with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, pedal assist level, and wattmeter.


Best for: Those who need to conquer rough city streets or dirt roads and need a foldable option
Price: $1,700
Features: A 6061 aluminum alloy frame -- this bike is a tank. A 48V 500W brushless gear motor which will get you to 22mph or more, an 8-speed Shimano transmission for pedal assist, and a super comfortable ride. Plus, it folds down for easy storage and transportation, at home or on the road.

W Wallke

Best for: Small town commuters who might need a little stability on rough and hilly roads
Price: $1,839
Features: A 750W brushless motor that give you a max speed of 25mph and a range of 50-55 miles on full charge. Also, as you go downhill, the battery will recharge itself. The bike's made of 100% aluminum alloy (so it's sturdy as hell on road or off), and boasts fat tires for superior control over rough terrain.

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